Dem State Senator Falsely Attacks Reporter for Coverage of Gas Tax

Minnesota State Sen. Susan Kent (D-Woodbury) was not happy with KSTP chief political reporter Tom Hauser’s claim that “all polls” show opposition to a gas-tax increase, even though that’s not what the veteran reporter said.

“On At Issue, [Hauser] wrongly stated that all polls show opposition to a gas tax [hike] to fund our roads. In Oct., The Star Tribune poll showed 56 percent approve a 10-cent [increase], 36 percent oppose. People understand we can’t fix roads [with] accounting gimmicks,” Kent wrote on Twitter Sunday.

Hauser later responded by noting that he said “nearly every poll” shows opposition to a gas-tax increase, and suggested that The Star Tribune’s poll “is the outlier.”

“That same poll had Wardlow leading Ellison by seven points. Every KSTP/Survey USA poll in the last 15 years has shown a majority or plurality of Minnesotans are opposed, including Nov. 1 poll with 49 percent opposed,” Hauser wrote.

In response, Kent claimed she didn’t “have access to go back and check,” but insisted that she heard “all.”

“Got a link? If you’re correct, I’m happy to RT it. As I said, I apologize if I’m mistaken, but I haven’t found a way to check the record,” Kent later wrote. The video of the interview, however, is available on KSTP’s homepage, and clearly shows Hauser stating that “nearly every poll ever done shows widespread opposition” to a gas-tax increase.

Indeed, The Star Tribune’s September poll results were essentially a mirror image of what other polls showed. The Star Tribune found that 56 percent of Minnesotans supported raising the gas tax, while just 36 percent opposed an increase. KSTP/SurveyUSA received opposite results, finding that 52 percent opposed an increase and 32 percent supported it.

In November, just days before the election, the two organizations received similar results as 49 percent of Minnesotans still opposed a gas-tax increase while 35 percent supported the proposal.

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