Minneapolis Police Make Final Plea: Don’t Vote For ‘Gang Attorney’ Keith Ellison

The Minneapolis police union called a press conference Friday to speak out against Rep. Keith Ellison’s (D-MN-05) bid for Minnesota attorney general. Lt. Bob Kroll, president of the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis, was joined by two fellow officers in declaring their opposition to Ellison’s “anti law-enforcement views.” “Minnesota, the…

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Minneapolis Police Now Required to List Illegal Immigrant Rights in All Squad Cars

Minneapolis is now beginning to install placards in its squad cards with a list of rights illegal immigrants have when interacting with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents and city police. Mayor Jacob Frey announced the proposal during his inaugural “State of the City” address in May, saying he believes…

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Minneapolis is Doing Everything It Can to Become a Sanctuary City

Minneapolis-St. Paul

A Minneapolis city ordinance prevents local police officers from inquiring “about immigration status” when conducting their policing. The policy made local headlines in early August when Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey disparaged Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis President Bob Kroll and his colleagues for appearing in a campaign mailer for Tim…

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