Bannon Says Biden Is Making ‘Happy Talk’ to Hide His Financial Ties to Chinese Communist Party

  Joe Biden is “a useful idiot” for the Chinese Community Party, Steve Bannon told The John Fredericks Radio Network. The full interview with Bannon is available here. Bannon, with Citizens for the American Republic, has long said it is globalists like Biden who are managing the decline of economies…

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Commentary: Break Up Google for the Public Good

by Ned Ryun   It’s time for all of us to admit that Alphabet, Inc. is the 21st century equivalent of Ma Bell: it is an almost all-controlling monopoly that restricts consumer choice in order to maximize profit for the company. We all know what Ronald Reagan did to AT&T.…

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Chinese Officials Are Reportedly Burning Bibles And Crosses, Forcing Christians To Renounce Their Faith

Christian Church in China

by Anders Hagstrom   Chinese pastors claim officials are closing churches, burning bibles and crosses, and forcing pastors and congregations to sign papers claiming they’ve renounced their faith, The Associated Press reported Monday. Chinese pastors and the U.S.-based group China Aid report that Chinese Communist Party officials forcibly shut several…

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