Minnesota Republicans Look to Combat ‘Appalling’ Sanctuary State Efforts

Multiple Republican-backed bills in the Minnesota House and Senate would impede efforts by cities such as Minneapolis to institute radical sanctuary city policies. Minneapolis is currently in the process of rolling out a “municipal identification card” program for illegal immigrants residing in the city. The IDs would be available to…

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Former Minneapolis Mayoral Candidate Uses Christmas to Attack Trump

Failed Minneapolis mayoral candidate Tom Hoch is back in the news for calling President Donald Trump a “traitor” in a Christmas-lights display adorning his ritzy Lake of the Isles home. “Trump is a traitor” spelled out in Christmas lights now radiates from the top of Hoch’s home, which apparently backs…

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Minneapolis Police Now Required to List Illegal Immigrant Rights in All Squad Cars

Minneapolis is now beginning to install placards in its squad cards with a list of rights illegal immigrants have when interacting with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents and city police. Mayor Jacob Frey announced the proposal during his inaugural “State of the City” address in May, saying he believes…

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Hennepin County Board Candidates Campaign on Platform of Abolishing ICE

Candidates for Hennepin County Board gathered for an open forum Sunday where they showcased their radical views on immigration and efforts to abolish the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency. According to the U.S. Census, Hennepin County is currently the largest of Minnesota’s 87 counties, and encompasses significant portions of…

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Minneapolis is Doing Everything It Can to Become a Sanctuary City

Minneapolis-St. Paul

A Minneapolis city ordinance prevents local police officers from inquiring “about immigration status” when conducting their policing. The policy made local headlines in early August when Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey disparaged Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis President Bob Kroll and his colleagues for appearing in a campaign mailer for Tim…

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Democratic Strongholds of St. Paul and Minneapolis Are Home to Half of the State’s Lowest Performing Schools


The Democratic strongholds of St. Paul and Minneapolis are home to half of the state’s lowest performing schools, according to the Minnesota Report Card. The Pioneer Press recently reported that the Twin Cities contain 24 of the 47 lowest-performing schools in the state, which are set to receive support from…

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Minneapolis Uses Backdoor Tactic to Transform Area Into a Sanctuary City


A new “municipal ID” program will effectively transform Minneapolis into a sanctuary city as early as 2019 in order to “further advance the city’s racial equity goals.” According to the city’s website, the “municipal identification card” will be available to all “residents ages 14 and up” regardless of “immigration status,…

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