Commentary: Journalists Dropping the Ball to End 2018

by Julie Kelly   This is almost too good to be true: Several American journalists will be in Times Square on Monday night to drop the New Year’s Eve ball and signal the end of 2018. The “esteemed group comprises a broad spectrum of journalists to be honored as the…

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Commentary: Time Magazine Journos Basically Just Named Themselves ‘Person of the Year’

by Jason D. Meister   The liberal journalists at Time magazine have an interesting pick for 2018’s “Person of the Year.” That’s right, it’s themselves! They didn’t quite have the gall to claim the mantle directly, so they went with a somewhat more awkward construction: “The Guardians and the War…

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Scientists Have Created a ‘Flux Capacitor’ That Could Unlock New Dimensions to Communications, Quantum Computing

Flux Capacitor

by Thomas Stace   The technology that allowed Marty McFly to travel back in time in the 1985 movie Back to the Future was the mythical flux capacitor, designed by inventor Doc Brown. We’ve now developed our own kind of flux capacitor, as detailed recently in Physical Review Letters. While we can’t send…

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