New Randy Boyd Ad Focuses on Immigration: ‘Illegal Is Illegal,’ Build the Trump Wall, and No Licenses for Special Benefits for Illegals

Randy Boyd

A new Randy Boyd television ad airing across the state starting Monday hits hard on the issue of illegal immigration with “professional politicians” in Washington getting the blame. “Illegal is illegal,” Boyd says in the ad, which specifically pledges Boyd’s support for President Trump’s border wall, opposition to sanctuary cities,…

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Bob Corlew Commentary: To Secure Our Nation’s Future, We Must Secure Our Border

by Judge Bob Corlew   Throughout the course of my campaign, I have visited every county in Tennessee’s 6th Congressional District multiple times. Each and every community in our district faces different challenges, but one constant refrain I hear from voters is they want our Congressman to stand with President…

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Trump’s ‘Rescission’ Package Would Save Unspent Tax Dollars


by Justin Bogie   President Donald Trump on Tuesday submitted a special message to Congress requesting that $15 billion in unspent funding be rescinded. That’s a good first step toward re-establishing fiscal responsibility. Congress should embrace it and quickly adopt the president’s rescission package. Still, the package does nothing to claw back the…

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EXCLUSIVE: Emails Cast Doubt On House Democrats’ Latest Claim Against Scott Pruitt

Scott Pruitt

by Michael Bastasch   Democrats mischaracterized emails between top Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) officials to claim Administrator Scott Pruitt wanted “misuse” of taxpayer dollars by creating a new agency office in his hometown. Pruitt directed his staff “to establish a new EPA office in his hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma,” sparking a…

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Nashville Metro Council Member Angie Henderson Calls on Acting Mayor David Briley to ‘Break Cleanly from Hidden Deals of Dean/Barry Era’

On Saturday, Nashville Metro Council Member Angie Henderson (District 34) called on Acting Mayor David Briley to “restore trust in Government ASAP before May 24 election.” “He should break cleanly from the hidden deals/arrangements of the Dean/Barry era,” Henderson said in this tweet: Noticing a common thread? It is imperative…

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Swain Blasts Acting Mayor Briley: He ‘Mismanaged Funds in Times of Plenty,’ His Budget Is ‘Dependent on Property Sales That Don’t Have Council Approval’

Mayoral candidate Carol Swain came out swinging on Tuesday against Acting Mayor David Briley’s last minute proposal to come up with an extra $38 million shortfall in his proposed 2019 Metro Nashville budget by selling three existing properties currently owned by the Metro Nashville Davidson County Government. Swain’s campaign issued…

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SPLC Hates Trump and Christians But Still Gets Invited By Nashville Jewish Community Relations Committee to Speak Later This Month

The Nashville Jewish Federation’s Community Relations Committee (CRC) has invited Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) co-founder Joseph Levin (pictured) to speak at a community event on May 23rd. The CRC’s Director would not provide a written description of Levin’s talk advertised as Then and Now: Hate in the Mainstream, but based on…

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Congressional Candidate Bob Corlew Launches New Ad Focused on Border Security

Former judge and current Republican congressional candidate Bob Corlew announced on Tuesday the launch of a new campaign ad focused solely on his commitment to support President Trump’s efforts to shore up the United States’ national security by securing the southern border and reforming the immigration system to reflect the ‘America First’…

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State Senator Mark Green Posts Petition to Urge Governor Haslam Not to Veto Anti-Sanctuary Cities Bill

Governor Bill Haslam and State Senator Mark Green

State Senator Mark Green (R-Clarksville) launched a petition Friday to urge outgoing Governor Bill Haslam not to veto his anti-sanctuary cities bill. The bill is widely supported by both Tennesseans and legislators, passing the Senate 27-5 and the House 64-23 – and under Tennessee statue, a bill may pass into law without the Governor’s signature…

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