Former Governor Sundquist Hosting Fundraiser for Jimmy Matlock Congressional Campaign

Matlock and Sundquist

Former Tennessee Governor Don Sundquist, who became a political “untouchable” for nearly two decades after unsuccessfully attempting to force a state income tax down the throats of Tennessee taxpayers, is increasingly moving back into the political arena. First, he endorsed Randy Boyd for Governor, though Sundquist has been a visible component of the Boyd campaign since his endorsement.

Then, in April, after Marsha Blackburn had cleared the field in her bid to succeed Senator Bob Corker, Sundquist urged Republicans to get behind her to defeat Democrat Phil Bredesen.

Matlock fundraiser invitationNow, State Representative Jimmy Matlock, who is locked in a tough fight with Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett to replace 2d District Congressman Jimmy Duncan, is trotting Sundquist out for a fundraiser next Monday. The event, also hosted by Congressman Jimmy Duncan and his wife Lynn, is being held at the home of Ted and Drama Russell in Knoxville.

The income tax is not the only political baggage that Don Sundquist drags along with him when he endorses a candidate. Illegal immigration is a top concern among Republican primary voters in Tennessee and nationally, and Diane Black is under fire for her vote to give driver’s licenses to illegals in 2001.  Meanwhile, it is worth noting that Sundquist was the Governor who actually signed the legislation granting drivers’ licenses to illegals in Tennessee.

“Between Sundquist’s support for a state income tax and his push for drivers licenses for illegals, both of which were strenuously opposed by conservative Republicans at the time and which remain contentious issues, it is hard to see the political strategy of making him the face of a Republican Primary campaign this cycle,” Tennessee Star Political Editor Steve Gill pointed out.





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3 Thoughts to “Former Governor Sundquist Hosting Fundraiser for Jimmy Matlock Congressional Campaign”

  1. Erik Damon

    Don Sundquist? Really? The Don Sundquist? He hates and when I say hate, he loathes Tim Burchett for his opposition to the income tax. Today you can thank Burchett, Ramsey, Crowe, Hagood, and Van Hilleary for fighting against the income tax and giving Tennessee the structure that has led to the growth we have today. Besides Sundquist the list of supporters looks like a who’s who in the principal’s office. Anybody want to ask how much Duncan got paid for his endorsement? Come on now, who hasn’t thought of that? Julia Hurley is a sponsor? Will she be serving drinks or giving a talk on “The Knives of Wood Carving?” Good to see the former Chairman of the Tennessee Democrat Party, Doug Horne, is a sponsor. Same as Michael Strickland. Gee, I wonder why he would be against The Mayor? I’m not so much for Burchett as I am against the GOPe. And ya’ll thought swamps weren’t in the mountains.

  2. Stuart I. Anderson

    Talk about an old broken clock being right twice a day! Don, who will always be “untouchable” as far as I’m concerned, has finally gotten one right in his endorsement of Jimmy Matlock.

    There seems to be a consensus among conservative office holders that I have spoken to that Jimmy Matlock is a more reliable conservative than Burchett and I have every reason to believe he will be even more conservative than Duncan. That makes a Matlock victory another potential conservative pick-up in what can potentially can turn out to be a very good election cycle for Tennessee conservatives.

  3. Ralph

    Of all the Tennessee congressional members tracked by the JBS Freedom Index, Rep. Duncan’s voting record has the highest positive score , and one of the highest across the nation – his voting record can be found here:

    So in the world of “endorsements” , Rep, Duncan’s counts for a lot. His is a tough act to follow in terms of restoring our republic.