OFF THE RECORD: Bill Lee Donated to Lowest Conservative-Rated Republican in State Legislature

Bill Lee

Can you guess who it is? Admittedly it’s tough because pretty much any Republican in Tennessee running for the state legislature claims they’re a conservative and there are plenty who forgot what they told voters once they’re elected.

Even Bill Haslam claimed he was a conservative when he was campaigning.

And then there are all those non-stop radio and print ads which Randy Boyd the self-described political moderate, is now buying to try and fool voters that he didn’t really mean it when he said it given that it was a terribly inconvenient truth for trying to become governor in Tennessee. But at least he’s making good on his promise to “spend whatever it takes” to buy win votes, and now with all that Irish green tax savings….

If you still can’t guess which State Senator got $1,000 in 2016 from Bill Lee, here are the clues:

  • in 2015, a year before Bill Lee decided to send his check, this Tennessee State Senator voted in the Senate Education Committee to give in-state tuition to illegal alien students and then voted again on the Senate floor to help pass that bill
  • two months after this State Senator was the ONLY Republican to vote with Senate Democrats AGAINST Tennessee’s 10th Amendment challenge to the federal refugee resettlement program, Bill Lee sent him a $1,000 campaign donation
  • it’s the same State Senator who in 2016, had the LOWEST rating at 57% from the American Conservative Union Foundation putting him even lower than the highest rated Democrat Senator at 75%
  • it’s the same State Senator who punched in “present” at his desk according to the Senate’s posted roll call for the session during which the Senate passed a bill that would help avoid using taxpayer money to fund elective abortions. But this low rated Senator did not cast a vote on this bill.

Give up?

Bill Lee’s $1,000 bestie is none other than… Steve Dickerson from Nashville whose campaign in 2016 was – “Senator Steve Dickerson – A Different Kind of Republican” who says in his video, “I march to the beat of a different drummer.”

Bill Lee’s decision to fund this “different kind of republican” must just be another one of those “business decisions” – you know like the ones he made to give money to Megan Barry, Karl Dean and Phil Bredesen.

Oh yeah, and that other business decision to give $25,000 to the Nashville Chamber of Commerce so they can keep pushing the narrative that legal immigrants and illegal aliens are economic engines for Tennessee – what are we supposed to do with THAT?

And another thing – the Lee campaign might want to stop trying to justify his “business decisions” by comparing them to donations Donald Trump made. The comparison is both beyond laughable but more importantly for Bill Lee, his “business decisions” simply don’t square up with the “man of faith” brand he’s selling to voters.




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4 Thoughts to “OFF THE RECORD: Bill Lee Donated to Lowest Conservative-Rated Republican in State Legislature”

  1. […] GOP gubernatorial candidate Bill Lee wasn’t the only GOP gubernatorial candidate throwing his money at “the different kind of Republican,” State Senator Steve Dickerson (R-Nashville), to […]

  2. […] GOP gubernatorial candidate Bill Lee wasn’t the only GOP gubernatorial candidate throwing his money at “the different kind of Republican,” State Senator Steve Dickerson (R-Nashville) to […]

  3. Stuart I. Anderson

    Tis the season for low information voters to get the information that they will use to make their voting decisions. Hence I’m fully prepared for the response I received when I was doing conservative evangelizing about the ANYBODY BUT BOYD strategy to get the response “but he has such good TV adds.”

    Surely those conservatives who regularly read The Tennessee Star have long concluded that Randy! is the most undesirable candidate in a field that since the withdrawal of Mae Beavers lacks a solid conservative candidate. Each candidate has a downside and none is that much better than the others for any conservative to have a table pounding favorite. In Bill Lee’s case he parlays no experience in elective office, with no history of conservative advocacy, with no history of determined contributions to conservative causes or candidates.

    Someone is going to be Governor of Tennessee for what is probably another eight years. Right now, other than the truly terrible Randy! that person is most likely to be Diane Black which is just as well for in this Trifecta of Mediocrity her Heritage lifetime score of 78% and Club For Growth 80% provides her with the most impressive conservative credentials. Assuming the polls continue to show her as #1 or #2 conservatives should unify behind her candidacy in order to at least have a chance to end Haslamism as the Haslam administration comes to an end.

    1. Silence Dogood

      Well said, Stuart. Boyd and Lee flood the field with lukewarm conservatism. Chamber of Commerce Conservatism. Bush family Conservatism. HRC Conservatism. American citizens are peasants to these big money folks. Immigration legislation and enforcement are the 2018 litmus test for Conservatives. Do not believe the B.S. ads. Lee and Boyd are to the left of the Bush Republican Haslam. Vote Diane Black. And MAGA!!