Democrat Rep. Steve Cohen Denies Tweet ‘Where is Our Military Folks? The Commander in Chief is in the Hands of Our Enemy!’ Was Call for Military Coup Against President Trump

Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN-09) denied this afternoon that his tweet earlier in the day in which he stated “Where is our military folks? Commander in chief is in the hands of the enemy” was a call for a military coup against President Trump.


Cohen attempted to “clarify” what seemed to many to be a call for a military coup against President Trump on Twitter about an hour later in response to a tweet from Christopher D. White of the Daily Caller News Foundation, but did not appear to do so successfully.

“I assume you mean: why aren’t members of the military sounding off on this? Not. Why isn’t the military taking up positions to take out the POTUS? Because it’s not totally clear,” White asked.

“Of course,” Cohen responded.

White pushed back.

“Of course *what*? Which is it?” he tweeted.

Cohen did not respond.


Just last week, Cohen attempted to walk back an outrageous statement he made to anti-Trump FBI lovebird Peter Strzok during the disgraced FBI agent’s testimony before a Congressional committee.

Cohen insulted veterans around the country when he said he thought Strzok should be awarded a Purple Heart for his anti-Trump activities at the FBI, as The Tennessee Star reported:

CBS has a slightly more detailed report. Evidently Cohen believes the hearings are little more than a distraction and went out of his way to praise Strzok.

Rep. Cohen says this hearing is just a distraction.

“If I could give you a purple heart, I would,” Rep. Steve Cohen said, calling the hearing an “attack” on Strzok.

Cohen criticized the hearing as a distraction from Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election and a way to discredit Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

“It’s astonishing to me that you would be put on trial as you have today,” Cohen said, praising Strzok’s work in security.

Earlier today, the president’s Democrat and Deep State opponents began a coordinated attack against him while he was overseas meeting with Russian President Putin in Helsinki, Finland.

Former Obama administration CIA Director John Brennan said earlier today that President Trump should be impeached for treason because of the press conference he held with Putin.

Brennan himself has denied that the discredited GPS Fusion “Russian showers” document played any role in his communications with FBI regarding the Mueller investigation, but his denial has been disputed.

Earlier this week, Mueller announced indictments of 12 Russian agents for interfering in the 2016 election. As former prosecutor Andy McCarthy has pointed out at National Review, these were purely political indictments, as none of those indicted will ever be brought to trial, since they are in Russia and will never come to the U.S.

The coordinated attacks against the president by his Democrat and Deep State opponents began just as Trump was meeting with Putin in Helsinki, Finland.

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19 Thoughts to “Democrat Rep. Steve Cohen Denies Tweet ‘Where is Our Military Folks? The Commander in Chief is in the Hands of Our Enemy!’ Was Call for Military Coup Against President Trump”

  1. Jose Reva

    Cohen needs smacked for those comments

  2. Austin

    “Where is Our Military Folks?” The question regarding Cohen is, where are the men in the white coats?

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  5. Erik Vornoff

    Cohen is Unfit for Office and needs a Tenessee vote of No Confidence now!

  6. nails

    Maybe old steve should get a purple heart for opening his mouth and kicking himself in the face.

  7. Redeemed52

    No doubt he was only looking for our military to play checkers with Trump….

  8. Darrell

    Isn’!t this the same idiot that proposed Strzock should get a Purple Heart ? Sheeesh

  9. Bill Colley

    Cohen is a pudwacker.

  10. Toots you said “He wants to keep them on welfare … create jobs and a future without welfare.” Well which is it? Does he want to keep people on welfare or does he want to “HELP CREATE JOBS AND A FUTURE”WITHOUT” WELFARE”? Think before you type.

  11. Toots

    what is sad he will probably get re elected by folks who really don’t know they are being used and that he will do nothing to really help them. He wants to keep them on welfare … create jobs and a future without welfare.

    1. Bill

      Actually the sad part is his constituents are those who want to be funded by the government. There’s no other explanation for his longevity. But the real atrocity is that he finds pride in this type of representation of those who suck the economy dry. There is a very real likeness in both. Neither have pride,integrity, or values. I take it the democrat party weren’t really JFK fans at all. Their motto is instead “ask not what you can do for your country, but what your country can do for you”.

      1. Ron W

        If anyone goes back and reads JFK’s quotes and what he did such as a an across the board tax cut, he would be disavowed by today’s Democratic Party.

  12. Ralph

    Rep. Cohen voted against the Border Security and Immigration Reform Act, he voted against the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, and he voted against the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Act ( – those votes are all antithetical to the mainstream of Tennessee culture, as is virtually every vote he has cast.

    Rep. Cohen has represented the Memphis area in one form or another since 1978 – 40 years now – and what do the people of Memphis have to show for it? Memphis was recently ranked as being the second most violent big city in the country, second only to Baltimore, but not by much. St. Louis, Chicago, and Birmingham were all ranked as being all less violent than Memphis.

    Gubernatorial candidate Bill Lee offered that three common interests of our citizenry transcend any political considerations: a good job, a safe neighborhood, and a good education for our children. And how does Memphis stack up? Not well….not well at all.

  13. Cheryl Stone

    What is wrong with the people in TN? Corker and Stephen Cohen ???? Corker has proven himself to be a SWAMP CREATURE and Stephen Cohen : the PURPLE HEART remark and suggesting a military coupe. He should be held accountable for his treasonous remark !!!!!
    People of TN need to be more careful who they elect. Both of these people are SWAMP CREATURES!!!

  14. Bill

    This is laughable. Cohen stuck his foot in his mouth the other day, and because of the embarrassment he put himself through tries to be cute and attack the president hoping he would appear to be intelligent. You’re 0 for 2 now stupid. Is it dark inside there?, you just stuck your head up your ass with that last comment. You’re so ignorant…..

  15. Mary

    Save your self and resign NOW! WTH were you thinking? Clearly we can’t have a half assed grandstander as a representative of our politics. You are tooo dumb to even have office.

  16. Doris

    I think Cohen and Corker are both an embarrassment for people of Tennessee!! People -quit voting them in office!!!!

  17. Eric

    Cohen is a LIAR.