Early Voting Turnout Heavy in Maury County

Voters hit the polls heavily in the first two days of early voting in Maury County.

The polls opened Friday at the Maury County Election Commission for early voting in the 2018 Tennessee general and primary election, The Daily Herald reported.

On Friday and Saturday, at least 1,100 votes were cast even as Maury County candidates lined both shoulders of the road leading to the polling location.

Maury County has 43,000 registered voters. Normally, about 30 percent of voters cast ballots early. During early voting in the 2016 presidential election, which included local races, more than 3,200 residents participated in early voting.

The Tennessee Secretary of State’s office, which oversees elections, lists the advantages of early voting on its website: “being able to choose a day during the early voting period that best fits the voter’s schedule and the voter being able to change his or her address of registration and vote in the same voting location.”

Each county’s election commission office may be found online here. Early voting will be from July 13-28.

In Maury County, early voting will be held at the county’s election commission office at 1207A Tradewinds Drive in Columbia.

The Secretary of State’s office also offers the GoVoteTN app online here for the App Store or Google Play. It provides polling locations and allows voters to view and mark sample ballots, see elected officials, districts and county election commission information, and access online election results. State law allows voters to use the GoVoteTN app inside polling locations.







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