VP Pence Visit to Conservative Lee University Triggers Left Wing Lunacy

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Conservative political commentator and Tennessee Star Political Editor Steve Gill of The Gill Report, broadcast live on WETR 92.3 FM in Knoxville, stated in disbelief the left’s infiltration into Lee University, one of Tennessee’s top Christian schools – and in particular one Lee University student’s petition to cancel a Vice President Pence visit to one of the most conservative cities in the country.

“If you need any further evidence – which you shouldn’t need much – that the left is truly deranged and hurting themselves in their interest to overcome any question about how anti-Trump and anti-Pence they may be,” Gill said; adding, “We just need to look down at the Chattanooga area as students at supposedly conservative Lee University are running a petition to block Vice President Mike Pence from visiting the university in Cleveland on Saturday.”

He continued:

I don’t know how many presidents or vice presidents that have actually visited little Lee University down in Cleveland, I don’t think it’s many you would think that having a president and vice president visit your campus might be a big deal that would be celebrated by virtually everybody, but no, the left-wing loonies are off to the races.

They launched a petition this week on Change.org by student Cedes Harris on behalf of “concerned students, faculty, and alumni, of Lee University” asking the school administrators to cancel Pence’s Saturday appearance at Pangle Hall. They are saying that the Vice President doesn’t represent the Christian school’s beliefs which seek to embody the life and example of Jesus Christ.

If we’ve ever had a Vice President that more fully embodies the teachings of Christ, the incredibly faithful and Christian Mike Pence should be at the top of the list. Not deemed by a bunch of halfwit liberal students who happened to have infested the University in Cleveland. I don’t know anything about this student you know, I don’t know the student’s background.

I know that colleges and universities that you would think would be conservative, like once conservative Belmont University, was a Baptist school. Once conservative Lipscomb University in Nashville, once a Church of Christ school. That they’ve moved further and further to the left where their faculty is really kind of indistinguishable from the faculty of any other liberal university.  It’s sad to acknowledge that the same thing is happening at the University in Cleveland.

A Vice President, a sitting Vice President of the United States is visiting Cleveland, TN one of the most conservative places in the entire country. Paying a visit to that campus and students on that campus are saying “No! No! No! He doesn’t embody our Christian beliefs.” Give me a break.

Listen to the segment:

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2 Thoughts to “VP Pence Visit to Conservative Lee University Triggers Left Wing Lunacy”

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  2. Randall

    Look what happened to Trevecca College in Nash-Francisco.