Charlotte, North Carolina Embraces the 2020 Republican Convention, Nashville Passes

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Charlotte, North Carolina has been selected as the location for the 2020 Republican National Convention.

Nashville was under consideration as a potential location, but local government entities apparently did not pursue the bid with much interest.

Charlotte, in contrast, let the Republican National Committee know it wanted the financial benefits such a convention will bring.

Tennessee Star Political Editor Steve Gill discussed on Friday’s edition of The Gill Report – broadcast on Knoxville’s 92.3 FM WETR – the Republican National Committee’s pick of Charlotte, North Carolina as the site for the 2020 Republican Convention.

“The Republican Party has picked their location for their 2020 convention. Which presumably will be where Donald Trump gets nominated for a second term as President of the United States. While Charlotte, North Carolina is going to be the site. The Charlotte City Council voted six-to-five to accept the bid to embrace the Republicans coming to Charlotte for the convention in 2020,” Gill said, adding:

Four Democrats and two Republicans voted yes, Five Democrats voted no because apparently the five Democrats don’t want the crowds, the money and the national and international attention that comes. They didn’t have any problem by the way when the Democrats wanted to bring their convention to Charlotte and did so in 2012. That was when Barack Obama was running for re-election.

Now the budget that Charlotte patrons, the energy companies the banks and others need to raise to be able to fund the convention they’ve decided to host is about seventy million dollars and the Republicans are reportedly ahead of schedule in raising the money needed to host that convention.

The Democrats fell about ten million dollars short, not surprising the Democrats over spent and ran a deficit in their convention. About six million or ten million short. Duke Energy based in North Carolina had to come up with the six million dollars to cover part of the short fall. I don’t know if they wrote off the rest and just stiffed people or not. Barack Obama was they’re for his re-election convention, and presumably it will be Donald Trump in Charlotte, North Carolina.

But Tennessee could have been the location. Nashville was where they kind of wanted to go, but the city of Nashville which is still too blue, it’s even more blue than Charlotte when it comes to recognizing and welcoming the Republicans. The city of Nashville really didn’t want it to come and they couldn’t even get the convention district bureau to even make a final bid, so it’s going to Charlotte instead of Nashville. But it’s not that far for us to travel.

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6 Thoughts to “Charlotte, North Carolina Embraces the 2020 Republican Convention, Nashville Passes”

  1. Ron W

    They got the gun shows out of Nashville so it should be safer with less “gun violence”.

  2. Megan Barry

    I think Nashville should be inclusive and inviting to all. Except the RNC. They can take a straight road to Hell!

  3. Randall

    It won’t be long before country music is too conservative for Nashville.

  4. Rick

    Nashville is rapidly becoming truly the “it” city with a couple of letters in front of “It” left off! Homeless people, car jackings and increased murder rate these are the things we are becoming known for. Thank you mayor and the mighty Metro Council (what a special needs group).

    1. Stuart I. Anderson

      No, how can that be Rick? I mean the Mayor and Metro Council are subject to term limits aren’t they? Maybe limiting the people’s right to vote isn’t the answer to any important question after all.

  5. John

    Nashville is running to become the South’s new Demoncrat run leftwingnut s**hole