Norm Partin Commentary: Bill Lee for Governor

Bill Lee
by Norm Partin


Are you the person that says to yourself, “If I were Governor, this is what I would do…”? Do you tend to vote AGAINST people instead of FOR someone? Are you constantly disappointed by politically influenced legislation on both national and state levels?

Are you “that person”?

I’m “that person” too, but for the first time in decades I am voting FOR someone. As I reach my twilight my focus is now on my grandchildren and their future, and as such I take my politics very seriously.

Why am I supporting Bill Lee for Governor, you ask?

There are several reasons that matter to me and should also matter to YOU:

Crisis management

In the last decade Tennessee has suffered tornadoes, forest fires, floods, and civil disobedience. A leader should not be judged on performance when all is well, a leader should be judged on his performance when the chips are down. I trust Bill to make decisions with sound logic, even when under tremendous pressure.

Bill Lee has fought back and succeeded in the face of personal tragedy and business adversity. THAT takes a leader.

Fiscal competence

This is where elected officials have failed the public. Sacrificing one’s political agenda for the good of all Tennessean’s takes resolve, honor, and courage. Washington has failed us on all levels of fiscal responsibility, but Bill Lee can make a difference.

It is easy to tout “balancing Tennessee’s budget” as a platform, but the truth is the state constitution demands a balanced budget. Any sustainable business must maintain a balanced budget. We need a Governor who makes logical decisions without the influence of anyone’s political agenda. Only a true government outsider can do that. Bill Lee enters the Governor’s office with no political dues to pay.

Talks the talk, walks the walk

Before Bill Lee announced, I knew of his personal and business history. I liked what I saw and learned. The more I learned the more I liked. His commitment to his community and fellow man is unrivaled and his character is impressive. I am not easily swayed, but he quickly gained my support and respect.

Challenge the status quo

Fresh solutions are needed in two key areas of Tennessee: corrections and education. These issues relate to all Tennesseans but have been ignored for years.

Bill is ready to deal with the obvious correctional problems with a sound and logical strategy. He plans to fix things, not kick the can down the road.

Schools are not about test scores. Preparing children for life is where education needs to go. It takes courage to ignore the politics and do the right thing. Bill is prepared to challenge conventional wisdom and work to that goal.

Honesty and Character

Bill Lee is the ONE candidate that can look Tennesseans in the face and tell the truth. No political spin, nothing to hide, and the courage to “tell it like it is.” How long has it been since you could say that about a Governor?

Yes, I am “that person,” but I believe Bill Lee is focused and ready to do what we all feel should be done. Whether independent, Democrat, or Republican, this is the right time to elect the right person to lead us. You owe it to the next generation to make the right choice.

There will be times when I disagree with Bill Lee and the politically correct issues he will face. I will accept his decisions based on all of the above.

Making the choice for Bill Lee is an amazing discovery of the obvious!

Norm Partin has had a distinguished career as a host of talk radio programs that focused on NASCAR and is currently the owner of Partin and Associates.







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6 Thoughts to “Norm Partin Commentary: Bill Lee for Governor”

  1. Albert Proctor

    Yes, and who are you?
    Try discovering Mr. Lee’s complaints with the better business bureau over the last several years. Not just before announcing to run for governor.
    Numerous complaints about unfair business tactics against his customers. Heis two faced, we know who he has donated money to in the past.
    It’s his on pride that has him running, he’s a multi-millionaire he has an agenda , and it’s all about him….

  2. Stuart I. Anderson

    Projecting the behavior of someone in one field of human endeavor like business onto another field of human endeavor like politics is an speculative at best. This becomes even more speculative in Lee’s case insofar as he has never shown the slightest interest in politics before he decided to try to buy the top political job in the state.

    I’m a conservative, I don’t like to speculate when I don’t have to and when hiring someone for the top political job I find some political background in conservative politics before the campaign begins reassuring. During the campaign it’s tough to know where the candidate begins and where his paid campaign professionals end. Since 2011 Diane has a lifetime Heritage score of 78% and a lifetime Club For Growth score of 80%. She’s endorsed by the American Conservative Union. That’s the kind of reassurance that causes me to support Diane Black for governor.

  3. Silence Dogood

    The NRA, TN Right to Lift, the ACU, Dr. Mark Green, and Carol Swain have endorsed Diane Black. Diane has a lifetime Heritage score of 86%. I understand that is pretty good. When I want my plumbing fixed I want a well recommended and experienced plumber. Being a good Christian man, hardworking, honest, and trustworthy does not make one a good plumber. When I want to fix the states political leadership problems I want an experienced and well recommended politician. Diane is that leader. Perhaps Bill could start his career as Mayor of Nashville and establish a record as a politician that can fix things. And Bill can see if he really has “the right stuff” for the job. And Bill’s 99% support for Republicans with his donations is an issue for me. Which Republican’s has he supported? RINO’s or Conservatives? Will he be a RINO if the answer is RINO’s?

  4. lb

    I have never heard of this person–why should his opinion matter to me? Also, this article looks exactly like another one touting Boyd a couple of days ago–looks suspiciously the same so that sets off alarms. There is nothing at all about policies, etc, just the same old BLAH pablum about his character, he’s a good CEO, etc–he has NO POLICIES beyond ” Vote for me I’m a good guy”.
    Sorry, no go for me

  5. Kevin

    The author makes VERY valid points, in succinct fashion. I would add; Bill Lee is a mechanical engineer who is also a master plumber. This tells me he’s not afraid to get down in the trenches with his troops! THAT is a leader!

    1. Dave Calhoun

      Maybe a good leader for a business but not for our state. Diane is our best choice for governor for this season, then maybe she will be ready to become our nation’s first female president!