Republicans Unveil Tax Cuts Round Two On The Same Day Progressives Release Plan For Tax Increases

Steve Scalise
by Julia Cohen


House Republicans announced they are working on a second iteration of tax cuts on Tuesday, the same day the Congressional Progressive Caucus announced a proposal for raising taxes.

“The tax cuts have been working incredibly well to get this economy moving, to create more jobs, to put more money in the pockets of hardworking families … we’re gonna continue building on that growth,” House Majority Whip Steve Scalise said during a Tuesday press conference.

GOP Texas Rep. Kevin Brady, the House Committee on Ways and Means chairman, went to the White House Monday to discuss a second round of tax cuts, Scalise said during the press conference.


Brady released a listening session framework for the proposed round of tax cuts, which includes making the original individual and small business tax cuts permanent and new tax write-offs for startups, on Tuesday as well.

“With this framework, we are taking the first step to change the culture in Washington D.C. where tax reform only happens once a generation,” Brady said, according to a Tuesday press release. “We plan to work off this framework to build on the growing successes of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and ensure this energized economy continues moving forward.”

The Congressional Progressive Caucus released its “People’s Budget” Tuesday. The budget plan includes closing “wasteful corporate tax loopholes that cost billions of dollars,” “taxes [on] Wall Street to fund Main Street,” and a plan to tax investments at the same rate as income taxes.

The People’s Budget plan would also raise taxes on the wealthiest Americas — to 45 percent for the bracket $1 million to $10 million, and up to 49 percent for over a billion dollars. “Additional revenue can be raised by curbing new tax benefits under the Republican tax scam and limiting the value of deductions for high-income taxpayers,” the plan says.

“The #PeoplesBudget … creates a tax system that works for all Americans,” Progressive Caucus Co-Chair Democratic Wisconsin Rep. Mark Pocan tweeted Tuesday.

“A budget is a moral document that outlines our values, priorities and commitment to our nation’s future. Our #PeoplesBudget lays out that commitment,” Progressive Caucus member and Washington Democratic Rep. Pramila Jayapal tweeted Tuesday.

Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has not weighed in on the People’s Budget.

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