Ignore the Man Behind The Curtain: Haslam Conspires to Block Diane Black Endorsement by Trump

In the audio below, conservative political commentator and Tennessee Star Political Editor Steve Gill of The Gill Report, broadcast live on WETR 92.3 FM in Knoxville, called out “Never-Trumper” Bill Haslam for his attempts to block a Trump endorsement for Tennessee’s Diane Black in the Tennessee Governor’s race and whether or not this will entice President Trump to do so.

Gill reflected, “We were talking earlier in the show about the possibility of a Trump endorsement of Diane Black. Well now the Knoxville News Sentinel is reporting along with the Nashville Tennessean and Memphis Commercial Appeal that Governor Bill Haslam has said Trump should stay out of the republican primary for Tennessee Governor.”

He continued:

Now there’s been a few stories that have been done by the New York Times and the Tennessee Star pointing out that Bill Haslam was hoping to block a Trump endorsement of Diane Black. And we exposed that he was actually working behind the scenes to try and block that endorsement.

Well now apparently, it’s been confirmed as the Governor has been outed that he is in fact telling people I don’t think it would be helpful for the White House to be in primaries. He’s not worried about primaries he’s worried about one primary. He wants his friend Randy Boyd to win and a Trump endorsement for Diane Black would make that more difficult.

If you go to the TennesseeStar.com you’ll find a link to that story the Knoxville News Sentinel that has them as saying Trump should stay out. Knowing Donald Trump, not personally, not well, but just kind of having of observed this President. When somebody tells him not to do something that’s a pretty good way to get somebody to well do something. (Chuckles)

So we’ll see if President Trump will respond by doing what Bill Haslam wants him to do or by saying well if their telling me not do it by gosh I’m going to do it. Is this going to spur Trump to act? Or is the President going to take the advice of an absolute “Never Trumper”.

Keep in mind Governor Bill Haslam told voters that he was not going to vote for Donald Trump in the Presidential election just two or three weeks before the November general election in 2016. That’s the ultimate “Never Trumper”.  Now, Bill Haslam has not gone as far as Bob Corker as to continue to attack and undercut the President in as many ways as Senator Bob Corker has done.

But I think you’re looking for the poster boys of “Never Trumper”, unfortunately Tennessee has two of the premiere folks, in Bob Corker and Bill Haslam. So, I think if President Trump is going to take advice from any body as to what to do in terms of endorsements, and gubernatorial races, or senate races, or anything else I think Bill Haslam would probably be the last guy he will listen to.

We’ll talk more about it and see if this eggs President Trump into doing an endorsement for Diane Black or not and we’re back again tomorrow.”

Listen the full segment:

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2 Thoughts to “Ignore the Man Behind The Curtain: Haslam Conspires to Block Diane Black Endorsement by Trump”

  1. Ron W

    I think Lil’ Bob was insulted that Trump interviewed him as a prospective Sec of St and wasn’t nominated. And he’s been getting even ever since.

  2. 83ragtop50

    Haslam and Corker (and Alexander for that matter) should have a (D) after their names.