Vice President Mike Pence Endorses Diane Black for Governor

Mike Pence, Diane Black

Vice President Mike Pence tweeted his strong endorsement for Diane Black for governor of Tennessee on Friday, as early voting is set to close in the August 2 Republican gubernatorial primary.

He wrote, “@DianeBlackTN is running for Governor of TN & a strong supporter of #MAGA agenda of tax cuts, military $$ & a champion of right to life policies. There are great candidates running but Diane has been my friend for years, we served together in the House, & she has my support!”

Black said in a statement, “I am honored that Vice President Pence would choose to support me in a state like Tennessee that overwhelmingly supported him and President Trump in 2016. Even before he became Vice President, Pence was an exceptional leader for the state of Indiana, leading with his faith and values. I am proud to call him a friend and honored to have him behind me in my race for governor.”

She also tweeted her appreciation of the West Wing endorsement, saying, “Thank you @Mike_Pence for your friendship, support, and endorsement! We’ve fought together to make America great again, and as Governor, I will always fight to put Tennesseans first.”

As the chairman of the powerful House Budget committee, Black worked closely with the Republican leadership and the White House to craft and pass the transformative Tax Cut and Reform Act of 2017. On many occasions, Rep Black has been called out specifically by President Trump for her role in the successful passage of the once-in-a-lifetime reforms.

Polling suggests Black is running neck-and-neck with businessmen Randy Boyd and Bill Lee, with moderates and crossover Democrats breaking for Boyd, and convservatives split between Black and political newcomer Lee. Tennessee Speaker of the House Beth Harwell (R-Nashville) is the fourth candidate in the race.

Early voting ends Saturday and primary election day is Thursday, August 2.




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