Sean Hannity Hammers CNN’s Jim Acosta As ‘The King of Lies’

by Nick Givas

Fox News host Sean Hannity attacked CNN’s Jim Acosta Thursday and called the White House correspondent “the king of lies.”

Hannity said the American people have grown tired of the “bias” and “lying” within the press and view their anti-Trump bias as destructive to the nation.
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“But that didn’t stop CNN’s so-called chief White House correspondent, the king of lies, the king of fake news, Jimmy Acosta — from trying to self righteously seize the moral high ground at today’s press briefing,” Hannity said on Fox News. “And by the way, he didn’t win this round.”

Hannity then played a clip of White House press secretary Sarah Sanders slamming Acosta for being insolent during the briefing while she was trying to answer his question.

“Boom, checkmate. Sarah Sanders,” Hannity continued. He also praised Sanders for defending herself and for citing the times she was personally demeaned and treated unfairly by the press.

Hannity said the White House is being wrongfully accused of stirring up violence by left-wing pundits.

“As you can see, there are real acts of violence, harassment, aggression, it happens every day,” Hannity concluded. “I’ll be the first to stand up and say everybody has a right to freedom of speech. But saying that you’re a liar and calling out fake news is only words. Nobody’s supporting any violence. So don’t make accusations that are untrue.

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