Let Me Take a Selfie: Gill Discusses the Public’s Phone Fascination with Chaos and Disaster

Steve Gill

Throughout Tuesday’s broadcast of The Gill Report – live on WETR 92.3 FM in Knoxville – conservative political commentator and Tennessee Star Political Editor Steve Gill was beside himself as he described the unconscionable phenomenon of selfies and the public’s fascination with taking out their phone in the midst of horrific public tragedies.

He continued:

I gotta tell you, I’m not a big fan of selfies. Maybe it’s the kind of duck-lipped-pouty pose that so many posts are kind of the hand held high I guess trying to hide the double, triple, or quadruple chin. I tend to like the more posed photos that are then posted on Facebook or Instagram. Rather than the sort of selfies that have seemed to become in the grip of a nation.

And then you add the fact that people seem willing to video or photograph anything that happens as it happens. I’ve been amazed at some of these incidences on airplanes including plane crashes where people immediately grab their phone turn on the video because they want to record for posterity, maybe the end of their “sterity” the death that comes with a plane crash. Maybe it’s the thought that “oh it will go on CNN maybe I can get some money”.

You know somebody seeing somebody get beat up on the street they don’t intervene to stop it, they pull out their phone and start taking selfies with the victim in the background or shooting the video of what’s happening maybe even doing it live so people can watch what’s happening as it’s happening. I mean that’s why your seeing these beat downs in McDonalds and Burger King and other fast food restaurants that’s why when you see these mall mob attacks. Maybe they got the video of it because they’re picking up their phones in the midst of the chaos and making sure their recording it.

And it’s getting worse. I mean what is wrong with you people!

Today there was a terror attack on the Westminster Bridge.  An apparent terrorist tried to drive his car into a crowd to try and hurt and kill people. And immediately thereafter, (Gill sighs) people started taking selfies on the bridge with the police yellow tape and the crash scene in the background.

I’m not making this up!

Folks are posing for group selfies as the police blocked off the area where the terror attack had occurred.

(Sarcastic tone) “Yeah, let me make sure I let people know back home I’m right here where it was. Smile for the camera!”

It’s almost as bad as the tourists that go to places like Auschwitz and pose for selfies smiling right in front of the grizzly scene where so many were killed in gas chambers.

Literally, what is wrong with you people?

Listen to the segment:

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