Hundreds of Ohioans Back Push to Make Jim Jordan Next Speaker of the House

Jim Jordan, Donald Trump

More than 200 Ohio business leaders and lawmakers are calling on the U.S. House to elect Rep. Jim Jordan as its next speaker after Paul Ryan steps down.

In a July letter to his colleagues, Jordan announced that he would be running to replace Ryan, saying that Congress has “given the American people reason to question our commitment to reform.”

“I plan to run for Speaker of the House to bring real changes to Congress,” Jordan wrote, garnering the support of hundreds of his native Ohioans from all of the state’s 16 Congressional Districts.

An organization known as First Freedom Ohio is leading the effort make Jordan one of the nation’s highest-ranking officials, with local “business, political, religious, and community leaders” backing the movement.

“If there’s one thing every Ohioan can agree on, it’s that Congress is broken. We need new leadership that isn’t subject to special interests,” First Freedom Ohio President Aaron Baer said in a Tuesday press release. “Congressman Jordan has a record of being a strong independent voice, and fighting for the American people. He’s a man of integrity who has consistently stood up for life, family and freedom.”

All Ohioans were invited to sign their names to a pre-written letter with the option of having it sent to their respective representatives.

“Congress is broken. Yet with the retirement of Paul Ryan, we have the opportunity to choose a Speaker of the House who will deliver on the countless promises to the American people over the years,” the letter states, saying “Jordan has built his career on saying what he means, and doing what he says.”

“It’s time to balance the budget. It’s time to defund Planned Parenthood. It’s time for Congress to represent the people, not special interest,” it continues, calling Jordan a “man of faith, unquestionable integrity, and strong conviction.”

“Stand with us today by pledging your support for Jim Jordan for Speaker of the House,” the letter concludes. At least 16 state representatives had signed their names to the letter at the time of publication. Ryan announced in April that he would retire from Congress at the end of the year, leaving the speaker seat open.




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