Minnesota Dem Joe Radinovich Has History of 31 Traffic Offenses, Unpaid Fines

Democrat Joe Radinovich’s campaign is losing momentum after it was revealed that he has a 15-year history of traffic violations and dodging fines.

In an August 5 Eyewitness News report, it was revealed that the Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) Party candidate for Minnesota’s Eighth Congressional District has been cited for 31 different traffic offenses, totaling $2,801 in fines.

Additionally, court records show that Radinovich’s driver license has been either suspended or revoked on four separate occasions, including as early as March of this year while he was a congressional candidate.

On August 22, the very same day of the 5 Eyewitness New report, Radinovich paid off three of his remaining overdue fines.

“Joe owes voters an explanation for his poor judgment, careless decisions, and reckless pattern of breaking the law—even this year as a congressional candidate,” Republican candidate Pete Stauber’s campaign said in a press release. “Despite Joe’s behavior, no one is above the law. Joe’s record speaks for itself: he votes to raise our taxes by $2 billion but he won’t even pay his own bills band take responsibility for his own actions.”

While a member of the Minnesota House of Representatives, Radinovich did in fact vote in favor of the 2013 “Omnibus Tax Bill,” which increased taxes on top earners by $1.1 billion.

The day after the report, Radinovich responded by blaming the violations on Hennepin County’s difficult traffic circumstances, saying construction projects combined with limited parking often left him using meter parking.

“It was tough to avoid parking tickets,” he said, suggesting that his meters would often run out while he was busy with his work as an aide to now-mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey.

“I reject that they’re a character issue,” he added in an interview with The Duluth News Tribune, calling the issue a “headache.”

Stauber, who served 23 years as a police officer, continues to use the violations against Radinovich, saying he is “ignoring the very law and order that hardworking Minnesotans in the 8th District follow every day.”

Radinovich and Stauber will face off in November for Minnesota’s Eighth Congressional District, which will be vacated by Democrat incumbent Rick Nolan.

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