Poll Shows Republican Jim Hagedorn With 14-Point Lead Over Democrat Dan Feehan in First Congressional District

Jim Hagedorn, Dan Feehan

A new poll shows that Republican Jim Hagedorn leads his Democratic opponent Dan Feehan by 14 points in the race for Minnesota’s First Congressional District.

The poll, conducted by Harper Polling for the Hagedorn campaign, suggests that 47 percent of likely voters favor the Republican, while 33 percent said they will vote for Feehan, giving Hagedorn a 14-point lead over the former Obama appointee. 14 percent of the 400 voters polled were still undecided.

“I think the positions I take on the major issues, whether its securing the borders, making sure we have a strong America, reforming the government to keep the economy moving forward and growing strong, protecting our God-given rights like the right to life, and the right to keep and bear arms—I think that those messages reflect the views and values of southern Minnesota,” Hagedorn said in response to the poll.

Feehan’s campaign contested the results of the poll, saying its “own internal polling shows very different results.”

“But the real measure is the energy on the ground. We have found that when voters hear about Dan’s career of service in Iraq and in the classroom, contrasted with Hagedorn’s decades-long career as a Washington D.C. bureaucrat, they strongly prefer Dan,” the campaign stated, according to KEYC News 12.

In a Friday Facebook post, Hagedorn responded to Feehan’s criticisms, saying he is “proud to have worked on Capitol Hill during the Reagan Revolution.”

“I used my positions of federal authority to reform and right-size government, look out for the taxpayers, and Drain the Swamp. I will use my position as congressman to do all that, but on a grander scale,” Hagedorn wrote, attacking his opponent for using his U.S. Department of Defense position to “push through open transgender service in our military.”

“Dan used our military for extremist social experimentation and was part of the Obama administration’s area of greatest failure—military readiness,” Hagedorn concluded. “Thank goodness President Trump and Republicans are working to clean up the dysfunction left behind by Obama and Dan, as we rebuild our military and implement the Reagan policy of Peace Through Strength.”

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