Tim Walz Has Change of Heart on Gas Tax After Poll Shows Minnesotans Disagree With Him

Minnesota Democrat gubernatorial nominee Rep. Tim Walz (D-MN) is walking back a promise to raise the gas tax in the state after a new poll shows that a majority of Minnesotans disagree with the proposal.

According to a recent KSTP and Survey USA poll of likely Minnesota voters, 52 percent of respondents don’t support raising the gas tax to help fund transportation projects in the state.

“Minnesotans think they pay enough and I would agree with that. I think we should actually start reducing taxes in the state,” Republican Jeff Johnson said in response to the poll.

During a Wednesday debate, a week after the poll was released, Walz changed his tune on the gas tax, saying he is open to having a “conversation” on the issue.

“I think it is in our best interest to take that money from the general fund. So yes, I have suggested we have the conversation about the gas tax,” Walz said as Johnson took the opportunity to point out that Walz has, in fact, already made up his mind on the topic.

“Tim, you haven’t said we should have a conversation about the gas tax. You said we should raise the gas tax,” he responded, adding that his campaign is in the process of compiling a list of Walz’s spending promises, which is already reaching the “tens of billions of dollars.”

According to Walz’s campaign website, the Democrat plans to “secure a stable funding source for transit and transportation by increasing the gas tax.”

“To meet our current and future needs, Tim and Peggy will increase the gas tax and expand funding for transit and transportation in a way that is fair and equitable,” his website states.

Another poll recently published by the Center of the American Experiment shows that only 19 percent of voters agree with Walz’s plan to increase spending on the state’s Light Rail, compared to 77 percent who would prefer to see the money invested in improving roads. An additional 65 percent would like to see personal income tax rates lowered across all brackets.

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