Walz and Johnson Release First Ads of the Campaign

Minnesota gubernatorial candidates Tim Walz and Jeff Johnson released their first ads of the campaign Tuesday after recovering from an expensive primary.

Minnesota’s ad wars have been unusually toxic during this election cycle, particularly in Minnesota’s Third and Eighth Congressional Districts where the Republican-backed Congressional Leadership Fund is targeting Democratic candidates. Walz and Johnson, however, were noticeably absent from Minnesota’s airwaves until Tuesday, when both campaigns released their first ads.

In Johnson’s ad, the Republican attacks his opponent’s support for a single-payer health care system in Minnesota as well as his plan to make Minnesota a sanctuary state.

“This election is all about vision. One candidate sees a Minnesota where we all lose our health insurance and are forced onto one government plan, where we become a sanctuary for illegal immigrants, and where we all pay even higher taxes,” Johnson says in the ad, saying his opponent “wants us to be California.”

“I see a much brighter future for Minnesota where we lower health care costs with competition and choice, where we actually enforce our laws, and where you keep more of what you earn,” the ad concludes.

Walz, on the other hand, shied away from attacking his opponent in his first ad, instead focusing on his history as a teacher and what he will do to improve public education in the state.

“As a teacher and dad, I’ve seen the difference education makes. I’ll fight for affordable pre-k, fully fund our schools, and expand technical education to open new career paths,” Walz states. “Let’s give every child a great education. One Minnesota for all of us.”

According to the latest polls, health care and public education ranked at the top of the priority list for Minnesota voters, but Johnson and Walz have strong disagreements on the two issues. MPR News reports that Walz currently leads Johnson by nine points with 16 percent of voters still undecided.

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