President Trump to Campaign in Minnesota Ahead of Midterms

President Trump in Nashville

President Donald Trump is scheduled to visit Minnesota for a second time this year just a month before November’s high-stakes election.

“Promises made. Promises kept. This is the president’s second visit to Minnesota since June. For Minnesota Republicans, this is a dream come true,” Minnesota GOP Chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan said in a press release moments after welcoming Donald Trump Jr. to the state.

“The importance of Minnesota towards protecting the House and Senate this election cycle is evident, and we appreciate the president’s support for our candidates and all Minnesotans,” she continued.

Trump will visit Rochester, Minn. on Oct. 4 for a rally at the Mayo Civic Center where he will campaign with candidates such as Republican Jim Hagedorn, who is running for Minnesota’s First Congressional District.

“Our campaign is excited President Trump is visiting Rochester. Southern Minnesotans will have the first-hand chance to hear the president outline his accomplishments and positive vision for America’s future,” Hagedorn said, vowing to “partner with President Trump and like-minded colleagues” if elected to Congress.

With several competitive elections on the Minnesota ballot, Trump’s second visit shows just how important the state is for a Republican Party fighting to keep control of Congress. Minnesota’s First Congressional District, which went to Trump by 15 points in the 2016 election, is expected to lean Republican in the midterms, but other typically-blue districts like MN-03 are now being threatened by strong Democratic challengers.

“As midterm elections draw near, President Trump looks forward to celebrating our booming economy that’s lifting up Minnesota families, and encouraging Minnesotans to get out and vote so we can keep our great American comeback on track,” Trump’s 2020 campaign said in a statement, with Carnahan thanking the president for his “help” in “turning Minnesota red this November.”

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