New Poll Shows Paulsen Gaining on Phillips

A new poll shows incumbent Rep. Erik Paulsen (R-MN-03) closing in on Democratic challenger Dean Phillips (pictured, right) in what could end up being Minnesota’s most expensive and competitive congressional race. According to KSTP and SurveyUSA, Paulsen trails Phillips 44 percent to 49 percent, a seven-point increase for Paulsen from…

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Commentary: Decisive Political Victory is the Only Way to End This Cold Civil War

Tennessee Star

by Ryan Williams   As even NeverTrump Republicans are coming around – grudgingly, and with caveats, of course – to recognizing the stakes in our ongoing domestic political fights, it is perhaps impolite to note: Some of us drew these conclusions quite a long time ago. The last two weeks of psychodrama in the…

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In Cuba, Healthcare Is a Right and Their Doctors are Rebelling: ‘You Get Tired of Being a Slave’

by Joseph Sunde   “You are trained in Cuba and our education is free. Health care is free, but at what price? You wind up paying for it your whole life.” –Dr. Yaili Jiménez Gutierrez In 2013, the World Health Organization brokered a deal through which Cuba would export doctors to…

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Analysis: Kavanaugh Fight Sharpens the Stakes for Midterms

voters polling place

The bitter battle over Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court has exacerbated the nation’s political divide and left many Americans emotionally raw. It’s also given new definition to the high stakes of November’s election. Until now, the fight for control of Congress has largely been viewed as a referendum…

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‘There’s Is No Debate,’ Ron DeSantis is Racist Says AM Joy Guest Tiffany Cross

by Nick Givas   Managing editor of The Beat DC, Tiffany Cross called Florida gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis “racist” on MSNBC’s “AM Joy” Sunday and said there’s “no debate” about his racial beliefs. DeSantis is running against Democrat challenger Andrew Gillum and has starkly contrasted himself against Gillum’s left wing policies. He also accused…

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Democrats Smear Ellison Accuser As ‘Politically Motivated’ in New Letter

Former Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges and several of her Democratic allies have published a letter in support of Keith Ellison in his bid for Minnesota attorney general. The letter smears Ellison accuser Karen Monahan for her “repeated attacks on Keith Ellison’s current relationship” while calling into question the “timing” of…

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