Ilhan Omar Dismisses Allegations Surrounding Campaign As Islamophobic Smears

Ilhan Omar

Significant concerns have been raised against Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minneapolis) and her alleged campaign finance-violations, but the Minnesota lawmaker is dismissing the accusations as Islamophobic smears.

The Minnesota Sun has offered extensive coverage of Omar’s finance troubles, which are now being investigated by the Campaign Finance Board (CFB). A recent report from the CFB asserts that there is “probable cause” against Omar and her 2016 campaign committee for at least three separate violations, including the alleged use of campaign funds to pay off legal fees related to her divorce.

And there is confusion surrounding the divorce itself, leading some to suggest that Omar committed immigration fraud by marrying her brother in an effort to earn him citizenship. The Associated Press recently covered the allegations in detail, but was declined a request to obtain a list of Omar’s siblings.

In response, Omar called the accusations “disgusting lies” propagated by politicians who are “deeply invested in stopping a progressive, black, Muslim, hijab-wearing, immigrant woman.”

“We know these people are part of systems that have historically been disturbingly motivated to silence, discredit, and dehumanize influencers who threaten the establishment,” she told The Associated Press. In response to the alleged campaign finance violations, Omar stated that she chooses “not to further the narrative of those who oppose us.”

In a recent tweet, Omar attributed the allegations to “hate groups” who “have one mission, to stop Muslims.”

“They will fabricate documents, spread lies, and shame,” she added.

The Star Tribune has even called on Omar to address the latest allegations of violating campaign-finance laws, saying her response thus far “has been terse.”

“That’s not sufficient. Omar owes a fuller explanation to Fifth District voters—and soon,” the Editorial Board wrote. “And as other contests in this year’s contentious campaign season illustrate, avoiding accusations of wrongdoing does not make them go away.”

In a statement provided to The Associated Press, Omar responded by suggesting that she has “not been cited for any campaign finance violations,” and looks “forward to working with the Campaign Finance Board in a fair and transparent process.”

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