Angie Craig Takes Cue From Smith and Skips Debate

Democratic congressional candidate Angie Craig talks a big game when it comes to showing up for Minnesota voters, but the press is beginning to agree that she’s hard to “pin down.” According to a recent press release, Craig’s final round of ads focuses on “her conversations with Second District families,”…

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Commentary: Why Should Republicans Ever Vote for Democrats Who Think They Are Nazis?

by Robert Romano   Don’t Democrats need at least a few Republicans to vote for them in order to win elections? You wouldn’t know it based on some of their reactions to the tragic mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue that claimed 11 lives on Oct. 27. What should have…

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Despite the Media-Driven Rhetoric, the Constitution’s 14th Amendment Does Not Grant ‘Birthright Citizenship’

young children

by James D. Agresti   Michael Anton, a former national security official in the Trump administration, recently argued in a Washington Post op-ed that the current federal practice of granting citizenship to the children of illegal immigrants “is an absurdity—historically, constitutionally, philosophically and practically.” A number of media outlets have published fiery rebuttals declaring that…

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New Research Pushes Back the Discovery of Cacao – the Basis of Chocolate – By More Than a Millennium

New research strengthens the case that people used the chocolate ingredient cacao in South America 5,400 years ago, underscoring the seed’s radical transformation into today’s Twix bars and M&M candies. Tests indicate traces of cacao on artifacts from an archaeological site in Ecuador, according to a study published Monday. That’s…

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Marco Rubio Dings Journalist Who Said Donald Trump Radicalized More People Than ISIS and Then Was Invited Back on CNN

by Hanna Bogorowski   GOP Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida took to Twitter on Tuesday to condemn comments made by GQ Magazine correspondent Julia Ioffe, who has been in the headlines for making claims about President Donald Trump and his supporters, saying it’s wrong for people to think inflammatory language is…

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Commentary: From Illegal Caravans to Economic Growth Trump is America’s Motivator

Donald Trump

by Jeffrey A. Rendall   Five percent growth? You’re forgiven if you thought you’d read it wrong. According to one of the president’s most trusted advisors Donald Trump isn’t happy with the economy the way it is. Make no mistake, Trump was ecstatic that growth broke the four percent mark…

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Bernie Sanders Can’t Commit to Serving Full Senate Term, Says It’s ‘Impossible to be a Senator and a President at the Same Time’

Bernie Sanders

by Hanna Bogorowski   U.S. Senate candidate in Vermont and incumbent Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders chatted about a possible 2020 presidential run at a Monday forum, in which he wouldn’t say whether he’d commit to fulfilling a six-year term if re-elected, because it’s impossible to be a senator and a…

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Recording Shows Keith Ellison Suggesting That He Would Undermine Republican Legislature

A new recording released by Doug Wardlow’s campaign shows Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN-05) seemingly suggesting that he would use the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office to undermine a Republican legislature. It is unclear exactly when and where the recording occurred, but it appears to be recent, since Ellison is discussing his…

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