Keith Ellison Accuser ‘Leaving Town,’ Accuses DFL of Covering Up Abuse

Keith Ellison accuser Karen Monahan claims to have evidence that the Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) Party tried “to cover up facts” during its investigation into the former congressman.

Monahan first accused Ellison of domestic abuse just days before his August primary, but after Ellison defeated Republican Doug Wardlow in a tight race for the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office, the issue seems to have been forgotten.

On the campaign trail, Ellison called for a House Ethics Committee investigation into the matter, but he will be leaving Congress in January, and the committee hasn’t provided a single update on Ellison’s case.

As The Minnesota Sun reported in September, the DFL’s investigation into Ellison was led by the legal partner of the attorney who represents the DFL, and they both had made financial donations to the party.

On Monday, Monahan accused DFL Chairman Ken Martin and his party of attempting to “cover up facts, spin the evidence, and cover up abuse.”

“The deceit and corruption used to bury the abuse is unfolding. What a person will do for power is unbelievable,” she wrote on Twitter, further suggesting that the DFL made numerous revisions to its report before finally leaking it.

“Ask Ken Martin how many times the investigators [sic] report was revised before it was leaked to the AP? So much evidence, they did everything to reduce it and still couldn’t exonerate Keith. Cover up abuse for power,” she continued.

In a series of tweets after the midterms, Monahan called the investigation “biased,” and condemned the “smears and false accusations” leveled against her by “Keith, his family and his fan club.”

On election night, Monahan claimed that she would be “leaving town” because of the threats made against her and her son.

Ellison announced his transition team Monday, and will be sworn in as attorney general Jan. 7.

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