White House Aide Blasts Reporter After He Said Trump Was Not Working During Shutdown

by Henry Rodgers


White House aide Hogan Gidley called out a reporter for saying President Donald Trump was not working Monday amid the ninth day of the government shutdown, demanding he “correct the record.”

Gidley, Trump’s deputy press secretary, was responding to Playboy’s White House reporter Brian Karem, who tweeted out a photo of the West Wing, saying since there was no Marine present at the doorway, the president was not in the Oval Office. Gidley said he looked into the Oval Office right after seeing the tweet, and saw Trump sitting behind the Resolute Desk working, and said Karem did not even call the press team to ask if he was working before sending out the tweet.

This all comes as President Donald Trump has said he will not budge on the $5 billion requested for a border wall, one of his key campaign promises. Democrats refuse to accept Trump’s idea for a wall, with both House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer continuing to say there will be no wall built.

The two parties will now have to figure out an agreement, and the senators must be present for a vote on the Senate floor to send a bill to the president to sign and end the partial government shutdown.

Democrats take over control of the House Jan. 3.

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