GOP Slams Klobuchar for Backtracking on Promise to Complete Senate Term

The Minnesota Republican Party called out Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) Tuesday after she indicated that she is leaning towards launching a presidential campaign.

But during her 2018 Senate reelection campaign, Klobuchar promised to finish her full six-year term if reelected.

“Of course I will. I think my track record shows that. I love working in the Senate. I love representing Minnesota,” she said during a debate with opponent Jim Newberger.

Klobuchar has repeatedly indicated that she’s considering a run for the White House, and during a Tuesday interview on MSNBC’s Morning Joe all but announced that she’s running.

“I also said I wanted to talk to my family, so big news today—my family is on board, including my in-laws, showing some momentum. But I will make this decision on my own course, regardless of what other candidates are doing,” she said.

“I think what America wants is someone that is going to make their own decisions, that’s not going to be influenced by every tweet out from the White House or what happens every single day in the news. I think they need a president that’s there for them in the long haul,” she added.

The Minnesota GOP responded in a statement released Tuesday afternoon, saying that “just weeks into her current term and it appears [Klobuchar] is already about to turn her back on a big campaign promise.”

“What happened to a full six years, Senator? Minnesotans deserve better,” the statement continued. “From Angie Craig and Dean Phillips going back on their word to not vote for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker, to Klobuchar backtracking on her promise to complete her full term, it is evident Minnesota Democrats will say anything on the campaign trail to get elected.”

The statement also criticized Klobuchar for failing to “capitalize on her position like so many other powerful senators from Minnesota have done while serving.”

“When it comes to Senator Klobuchar, her crowning achievement has yet to be found—something that apparently won’t stop her from failing to fulfill her commitment to the Minnesota people,” the Minnesota Republican Party said.

Rumors were also circulating Tuesday that an alleged campaign logo had leaked, but Klobuchar later clarified that it was the work of a “very enthusiastic supporter.”

“I love mountains but we mostly have lakes and a few hills in Minnesota,” Klobuchar said of the logo. “It is an interesting way to develop a logo for any campaign though…you are welcome to leave one at a coffee shop near you.”

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Anthony Gockowski is managing editor of Battleground State News and The Minnesota Sun. Follow Anthony on Twitter. Email tips to [email protected].
Photo “Amy Klobachur” by Amy Klobachur.
Background Photo “White House” by Cezary p. CC BY 1.0.


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