Commentary: The Democrats’ Behavior During the Shutdown Reveals Their Cold Indifference to Real Victims of Illegal Immigration

By Madison Gesiotto


The ongoing government shutdown over the border crisis has made one thing exceedingly clear: the Democrats are cold and indifferent to the victims of violent illegal aliens.

On Tuesday afternoon a group of Angel Moms — the mothers of Americans slain by illegal aliens — went to Capitol Hill to raise awareness about the dangers of illegal immigration. Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi refused to even meet with them.

“The doors stayed closed, we got this bored look from her receptionist,” said Angel Mom Sabine Durden during an interview. “We just knew that she was somewhere in there and they just didn’t want to give us the time of day. We didn’t want to have a long meeting and at least have her acknowledge us, but nothing. Nothing, none of that.”

“It’s so disrespectful, it’s unbelievably hurtful, and you feel re-victimized by her because of her flippant statements and acting like this is not a serious problem,” Durden continued.

If the Democrats’ refusal to negotiate a solution to the border crisis and partial government shutdown is a sign of their petulance and arrogance, their steadfast refusal to recognize the human victims of their own open borders policies is downright despicable.

Not wishing to be outdone by Pelosi’s appalling behavior, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer went to the steps of the Capitol on Wednesday with a number of activists holding up photographs of furloughed government employees.

“800,000 federal employees are without pay. I want President Trump to see these faces and hear these stories,” Schumer tweeted. Well, President Trump and the Angel Moms want Mr. Schumer to see the faces of the countless human victims of illegal immigration, but he won’t even acknowledge their existence. Schumer’s stunt was especially galling considering that the Angel Moms are known to make appearances with the photographs of their lost sons and daughters.

But such is the absurd political world in which we live. The Democrats are claiming that 800,000 federal employees going without pay is a human tragedy, all the while insisting that the hundreds of thousands of Americans killed as a direct result of lax border security, either at the hands of illegal aliens or by the narcotics that come across with them, is merely a tall tale or a manufactured crisis concocted by President Trump.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, their refusal to recognize the human cost of illegal immigration is looking more and more like a political liability as many more Americans support the need for better border security.

The simple fact is that the Democrat Party’s priorities are not the priorities of the American people, and the Democrats reinforced that this week by providing a jarring juxtaposition for all Americans to see.

President Trump and his Angel Mom supporters want us to keep the memories of murdered loved ones in our hearts. Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and the rest of the Democrats think we should direct our sympathy to furloughed government employees.

These aren’t just bad political optics. These are very poor choices that the American people will reject as the Democrats continue to stonewall on border security and the shutdown.

– – –

Madison Gesiotto is an attorney, political commentator, 2016 Inauguration Spokesperson, and former Miss Ohio USA.
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