City Pages Readers Roast City Pages for Running Smear Piece on Minnesota Sun

City Pages, a subsidiary of The Star Tribune, recently published a story titled: “Minnesota Sun: A Republican mega-donor site masquerading as ‘local news.’”

The article was based on a Snopes “investigation” of Star News Digital Media, Inc., the parent company of The Minnesota Sun as well as The Ohio Star, The Tennessee Star, and Battleground State News.

On Facebook, City Pages captioned its story with a tagline of “all the right-wing propaganda that’s fit to print,” but the outlet’s own readers weren’t buying it. Many comments on Facebook pointed out the “irony” and “hypocrisy” in City Pages’ article.

“So good to know that CP has Snopes for their resources,” one reader wrote.

“Thank you! I never had heard of them, but I now have a news source more reliable and truthful than City Pages and MinnPost,” another added.

“What about all the left-wing bulls– you guys print?” yet another asked.

Others comments in response to the City Pages article included:

One reader even claimed that City Pages runs ads for “hookers” in its print edition. The organization’s print edition, which is available free-of-charge at many businesses throughout the Twin Cities area, does regularly include advertisements for strip clubs and phone sex companies.

Minnesota Sun Political Editor Steve Gill said the factually inaccurate hit piece by Snopes – reiterated by the City Pages subsidiary of The Star Tribune – underlines why the leftist mainstream media are in full decline.

“They have sacrificed their credibility and journalistic integrity in order to be part of the leftist propaganda machine,” Gill said. “They are so far left that any alternative that is center-right appears ‘far right,’ or they claim it is in order to obscure their own bias. That’s the reason readers are fleeing the fake news media in virtually every community, and why a news-focused alternative like The Minnesota Sun that is more in tune with their former and soon-to-be-former readers terrifies them. But railing against The Sun instead of fixing their flawed platforms won’t make The Sun set, it will just cause them to turn out their lights even sooner — just like other corporately leftist local publications across the country. ”

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