Former DOJ Attorney Claims Ambassadors Worked with Feds to Take Down Trump

by Nick Givas


Former Justice Department attorney J. Christian Adams claimed U.S. ambassadors are working to sabotage President Donald Trump from within on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday.

Adams was commenting on Republican North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows’s point — he previously said “there was a coordinated effort to take this president down,” and that even ambassadors were involved.

“It’s important to understand something, that a lot of these ambassadors are either Obama leftovers, or they come from something called the foreign service. This is the swampiest part of the swamp,” Adams said.

“It’s career people who almost think they’re some kind of hereditary elite whose role in the world is to preserve the world order — not to serve the United States. And these people despise President Trump, so it wouldn’t surprise me at all that some of these ambassadors who are career foreign service officers are engaging in exactly what Congressman Meadows says.”

Adams cited Meadows, who has been an outspoken critic of deep state bureaucrats. Adams said Meadows will likely continue to be the main source of information on bureaucratic abuse going forward.

“Look, you need to understand something. Congressman [Mark] Meadows is very close to these things. Remember, he was the congressman who first knew before the media did that the FISA warrants against Trump campaign officials were based on cooked-up, phony information,” he said.

“The dossier, Bruce Ohr at the Justice Department — Congressman Meadows knew that information way in advance, so he’s been very good on these things and learning about them before the rest of the country does. So I think that he has a track record of reliability that really is going to make this an interesting story to follow.”

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