Wisconsin Journalist to Female Republican Staffer: ‘Hope You Don’t Get Raped at a MAGA Rally’

An editor for a Wisconsin-based publication was outed Tuesday for allegedly telling a female communications director for the National Republican Congressional Committee that she hopes she doesn’t “get raped at a MAGA rally.”

In a press release, Carly Atchison advocated for the Born Alive Survivors’ Protection Act, which would protect babies who survive botched abortions, and asked where Rep. Ron Kind (D-WI-03) stands on the legislation.

“Hey, Carly—hope you don’t get raped at a MAGA rally and have to carry that child to term. DON’T EVER CONTACT ME AGAIN,” replied Moira Crowley, who is listed as an assistant editor for Cheese Reporter, a Wisconsin publication that reports on “the world’s cheese, butter and milk processing industries.”

After Atchison shared the email to Twitter, Cheese Reporter released a statement claiming that Crowley’s email had been “hacked.”

“Recently, one of our employee’s email was hacked and deplorable messages were transmitted. Cheese Reporter and the employee ask for your understanding during this difficult time and in no way does Cheese Reporter or the employee condone or endorse any of these hacked messages,” the outlet wrote in a tweet.

“For those who recently began following us for the hacked comments, please unfollow our Twitter account as we do not want to be a messenger for your beliefs,” Cheese Reporter said in another tweet.

Atchison later pointed out that she was blocked by Cheese Reporter on Twitter.

“Weird … why would a group who said they were hacked block me? Did their twitter account get hacked too?” she said.

The Washington Examiner reached out to Crowley for comment, and she replied to their request using the same email address that outlet said was hacked.

“Our email has been compromised and the message is fake,” she said.

Atchison provided The Examiner with her response to Crowley in which she calls her comments “personally hurtful and disgusting.”

“There is an unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email. I hope you learn to conduct yourself in a more professional manner and pray that the hatred you hold in your heart heals,” Atchison wrote.

“Oh, I unsubscribed Carly. And I just donated $50 to Planned Parenthood in your name,” Crowley allegedly replied.

UPDATE: The Cheese Reporter has since deleted its tweets claiming that it was “hacked.” This is a developing story.

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