Dean Phillips Agrees With Jake Tapper That Trump Is ‘Daring’ Dems to Impeach


During an appearance on CNN last week, Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN-03) said President Trump’s impromptu Rose Garden speech showed a “woeful lack of leadership.”

Trump apparently left a meeting with Democratic leadership after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said he was engaging in a “cover-up,” and instead went to the Rose Garden to speak with reporters. He said he would refuse work with Democrats on legislation until they “get these phony investigations over with.”

“There’s no question whatsoever that the president is making it awfully difficult for us to do our jobs, which is to provide oversight over the executive branch,” Phillips said in response. “Whatever prompted his change of heart today in the Rose Garden, I’m not sure, but if that’s all it took, that’s a woeful lack of leadership.”

“Do you think President Trump is daring House Democrats to impeach him?” host Jake Tapper then asked.

“I got to tell you, Jake, it’s appearing increasingly evident that he may be doing just that,” Phillips replied. “It is our job to provide oversight. I think we’ve been methodical, we’ve been principled, and we’ve been awfully patient, but that patience has its limits. We surely are reaching that limit. If this is a come-and-get-me type of scenario, that’s a shame for this country. I think we’re better than that. I know most of my Republican colleagues here in Congress agree with that as well.”

“Impeachment has some grave consequences and trauma for this country,” he continued. “I think most people would like to avoid that, generally. But in this case, we have got to do our jobs. He’s making it awfully difficult to do that.”

Phillips’ full interview can be watched below:

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