We Build the Wall Approaches Record of Top GoFundMe Page, Founder Brian Kolfage Says


We Build the Wall is on the verge of becoming GoFundMe’s largest ever fundraising campaign, founder Brian Kolfage says.

Kolfage made the announcement Monday in a press release. He said the record belongs to TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund which is a major force in the “MeToo” movement.

TIME’S UP’s GoFundMe page, which is closed to donations, says it raised $24,206,200 of its $24.5 million goal. That page was created on Dec. 20, 2017. The last update was in December 2018.

As of Monday evening, We Build the Wall’s GoFundMe page had raised $24,066,879.

Kolfage posted on We Build the Wall’s GoFundMe page update section, “JOB WELL DONE! Watch our new video you will LOVE IT! We are about to surpass the liberal #MeToo movement for the largest Gofundme ever. Theirs was funded by hollywood celebs, ours American patriots. Lets get it done!”

The post links to this YouTube video here.

Regarding TIME’S UP, Kolfage said in his press release, “I’m not going to say anything about them because I’m busy building BIG BEAUTIFUL BORDER WALLS like the one we just finished in Sunland Park, NM!

“I may be a tad biased, but I believe that all of us who have worked and contributed to finally taking tangible steps to secure our nation’s border deserve to hold the title and I’ve got good news. We are now less than 200k away from being the “largest GoFundMe of all-time!”

Kolfage promises to “make it a BIG DEAL” when We Build the Wall takes the top spot, pointing out that TIME’S UP received millions in backing from Hollywood celebrities and had only 21,664 individual donors.

We Build the Wall’s GoFundMe page says 288,530 people in 6 months have donated.

According to Kolfage’s press release, “We didn’t get millions from the likes of Oprah, we did it with 288,000+ amazing Americans like you who were ready to get the job done! Let’s do this!”

We Build the Wall has overcome obstacles from local officials in Sunland Park, New Mexico, and the IBWC (International Boundary and Waterway Commission) over a gate accessing a border marker and federal dam.

We Build the Wall’s GoFundMe page says the first segment of the Sunland Park wall is complete and the cost will come in somewhere between an estimated $6 million to $8 million. Segment two is underway, the page says, but does not elaborate.

Kolfage hinted at another fundraiser for the wall.

He tweeted, “It’s coming!! Our first Wall A Thon. We will be selling off personalized plaques for each bollard and bricks for our monument at the top of the mountain!”

And, there is a new payment processor for people who want to make automatic weekly or monthly payments. That link is here.

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