Angie Craig Dodges Question on Ilhan Omar at Town Hall


Rep. Angie Craig (D-MN-02) recently hosted a town hall in Wabasha where she was asked about a number of hot topics, including impeachment and the ongoing controversies surrounding her colleague, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN-05).

But on both of those issues, Craig mostly declined to comment. One constituent asked how in the future the state could “change the process so that we have less opportunities and less problems with certain candidates, like Omar, that slows down and bogs down the legislative process.”

“Well, you know what I learned a learned time ago is that I should answer for myself and not talk about other members of Congress, except on policy disagreements,” Craig replied. “You know, I was elected as the representative of the Second Congressional District by the people of this district. Other districts elect their candidates as well, so for me it’s about how I stay focused on the things that this district is asking me to focus on.”

“There’s a whole lot that can distract you in Washington,” Craig added. “I’ve purposely stopped watching MSNBC and some of the other news programs because, look, at the end of the day my only focus should be on what matters in the Second Congressional District.”

The next constituent asked for Craig’s assessment on the “likelihood that we could be rid of this president before the next election.”

“Well, look, what I will say to you, again, is that I am a member of Congress focused on the issues that my district wants me to focus on. I have been very clear that a foreign entity interfered with American democracy and we have to understand the details of that, and we have to make sure it never happens again,” Craig said.

“You know, this could happen to any political party, so we have to stay objective. Let’s fill in the details and the facts. That is what I have said from day one,” she continued.

The full town hall can be watched below:

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Photo “Angie Craig” by Angie Craig. Background Photo “Angie Craig Townhall” by Angie Craig. 




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