Portland Police Release Photos of Suspects In Violence at Antifa Rally

by Matt M. Miller


Portland Police released photos of the individuals suspected of attacking journalist Andy Ngo at an Antifa rally Saturday.

Oregon Police posted photos and mugshots on Twitter of the suspects allegedly responsible for brutalizing attendees of the downtown Portland riot, according to Fox News.

One suspect is a shirtless male, and two others are male and female respectively, both captured wearing black clothes and a mask concealing their identities.

“There is no current law or ordinance prohibiting covering of the face in a protest and commission of a crime, which makes it more difficult for investigators to identify perpetrators of violence,” the Portland Police Bureau said.

“This is exploited by criminals who engage in acts of violence.”

A total of eight attendees of an Antifa protest event Saturday were treated for injuries including three police officers, and three civilians who were hospitalized, according to officials, Fox News reported.

Conservative journalist Andy Ngo was one of those hospitalized from violence at the event, reportedly suffering from brain bleeding in addition to cuts and bruises, according to Ngo’s lawyer, Harmeet Dhillon. Ngo is an editor for the website Quillette and frequently reports on the activity of Antifa.

Videos of the violent demonstration were posted to social media, showing Antifa protesters clashing with conservatives.

Protesters reportedly concealed weapons such as batons, projectiles, and firearms, according to police.

Protesters also threw milkshakes during the event, some reportedly containing quick-drying cement in them, as well as pepper spray and bear spray e also used, according to Portland Police.

“Attempts were made to effect arrests when possible and resources were available,” police said in a news release.

“The presence of weapons in the crowd and assaults on police officers were factors taken into consideration in how to safely and effectively manage a situation that turned into civil disorder,” it continued.

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Matt M. Miller is a reporter for the Daily Caller News Foundation.







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