Climate Experts Admit to Republican Congressman That Humans Aren’t Responsible for Past 20,000 Years of Global Warming


During a Thursday hearing before the U.S. House Science, Space, and Technology Committee, Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL-05) got a panel of climate science experts to admit that “humans are not responsible for the Earth’s global warming that has occurred over the past 20,000 years.”

All four of the experts who testified agreed that humans didn’t cause the global warming that began 20,000 years ago and continues through today. Additionally, Brooks pointed out that sea levels have risen an average of two feet per century over the past 20,000 years, which is “double the global warming enthusiasts’ claimed average sea level rise rate of one foot per century since 1993,” Brooks said.

“The gist of the experts’ opinions is that the Earth was too lightly populated by humans to make humanity responsible for the Earth’s global warming that began 20,000 years ago,” Brooks sarcastically touted in a press release.

During his line of questioning, Brooks asked the panel of experts if, in their judgment, human beings caused “the global warming that began 20,000 years ago during the last glacial maximum.”

“No, no. Absolutely not. It is an example of spontaneous natural variability, one of the many ways that this whole system—whether you look at in terms of sea levels rising, temperatures, storms—can be varied,” responded Dr. W. Tad Pfeffer, a fellow for the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research at the University of Colorado.

“So, you also agree then that the global warming that has occurred over the last 20,000 years at an 11 degree Fahrenheit increase in temperature, was not human caused at least when it began 20,000 years ago?” Brooks then asked.

“I would agree that when it began 20,000 years ago when we were coming out of the last glacial maximum that was not caused by humans, The warming of the last 100 years most certainly was,” said Dr. Twila Moon of the National Snow and Ice Data Center.

Brooks’ full exchange with the panel can be watched below:

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