Commentary: The Congresswoman Representing Somalia

By George S. Bardmesser


I am an immigrant.

I want Representative Ilhan Omar (D-Mogadishu) to go back to the shithole country she came from.

And I want her to stay there.

I spent some time on the Internet looking for even one positive thing that Omar has said about America—but my search was in vain. Omar hates and despises her adoptive country unequivocally and unconditionally. She hates everything about America today, and she hates everything about the America of yesterday.

Omar hates white people. Omar hates Jews—and she is not shy about letting everyone know it (“It’s all about the Benjamins baby”). Omar hates our ally Israel (“Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel”).

Ilhan Omar is a one-woman hate factory.

Maybe I missed a public statement where Omar praised America. But after looking through countless webpages and many gigabytes, I think I am on solid ground when I say: Ilhan Omar hates everything and everyone around her, except possibly her brother, whom she married, and perhaps the 9/11 terrorists who killed 3,000 people (“some people did something”—no biggie).

As an immigrant from the no-longer-with-us USSR, I believe I have as much moral authority as anyone to tell Omar: you should return to the country you represent and take up permanent residence there.

America can never measure up to Omar’s high standards—but no doubt Somalia will. Omar need not suffer in our land of toxic xenophobia, Islamophobia, racism, sexism, lookism and speciesism—because she can live out the rest of her life amidst the tolerance, understanding, and mutual respect that Somalis are famous for.

(For those interested, Somalia today is still a land mostly of anarchy, fundamentally not all that different from what you probably saw in “Black Hawk Down,” with a civil war, Islamic terrorists slaughtering civilians, corruption, hunger, poverty, torture, rape, refugee camps, and all the other usual things associated with that jewel of East Africa.)

This past week, President Trump once again detonated the brains of the Left, when he tweeted (without even naming names) that those who came here and enjoyed all the benefits of this country, but had nothing good to say about America, can go back to their original countries. The reaction from the Left was instantaneous and explosive: Racist! Sexist! Nativist! Islamophobe! Bad Man! Really Bad! Trump is Hitler! Trump is Mussolini! Trump is a Dictator! Trump is Satan! We hate Trump!

As an immigrant, I would like to tell Ilhan Omar: I love America. America gave my family and me opportunities I never would have had anywhere else. Unlike you, I am proud to call myself an American. America is incredible and special. My family has never asked for a handout—but what my parents and I have, we have because we grasped the opportunities offered and protected in our new country. For these opportunities, we are eternally grateful.

Twenty years ago, I went to the Vietnam War Memorial for the first time. Even though I didn’t immigrate to this country until 1978, five years after the Vietnam War ended, and even though I have no personal connection to any of the 58,212 names listed on the memorial, I felt the specialness of that place. The sacrifice of the men and women who fought and died for my country was worthy of the deepest respect and contemplation. I have no doubt that Omar, were she ever to go to the Vietnam War Memorial, would feel nothing.

As an immigrant, I can assure native-born Americans that Ilhan Omar does not speak for immigrants. Not for Russian-Jewish ones like me, not for (I am quite confident) Latinos, Asians or Europeans. Omar and the vitriol she constantly spews is not typical of immigrants who come here legally. So I salute President Trump for once again sticking a fork in the eye of the leftist PC crowd, and saying publicly what millions of people are thinking privately. Republicans agree with him. Independents agree with him. In fact, Trump just gave us all even more reasons to vote for him in 2020. And if Democrats don’t agree—who cares?

It is worth describing here a peculiar phenomenon that most Americans have never heard of, known to Jewish immigrants from the USSR by a mocking Russian word razocharovanty—“the disappointed ones.” These were people who had difficulty fitting in at the social level they were once used to—without passable English, the “careers” that were open to them were mostly at the bottom rungs of the economic ladder. And so the razocharovanty wanted to go back to the USSR. As Joe Biden would say, “no joke.”

They didn’t hate America, but they didn’t see themselves as part of the American future, either. They missed their motherland, warts and all—and with rose-colored glasses, the warts didn’t look so warty. Nostalgia isn’t rational—it’s an emotion that exists outside rationality.

And then, miraculously, they got their wish! As a propaganda ploy, the Soviet government permitted the razocharovanty to return! They even chartered a plane to take them back—all roughly 200 of them. The Soviet state restored their pensions (maybe $50 a month in those days) and gave them apartments to live in (no small thing, in a land of socialist scarcity where the government devoted all its energies to building tanks and missiles).

Within months, almost all of the razocharovanty were back in Brooklyn. Spending time in the Soviet Union was the single best way to cure nostalgia. America, suddenly, looked better than ever.

And this brings us back to the heroine of our current events. I want to add my voice to President Trump’s recommendation: Dear Ilhan Omar, you should go back to Somalia. Forever. America’s freedoms are my freedoms—but you care nothing for them. America’s enemies are my enemies—but you think more highly of them than you think of your fellow citizens. America’s allies are my allies—but you hate our allies. America’s heroes are my heroes—but nothing they ever fought and died for, you find heroic or even worthy of a mention. America’s history is something I read and study—but you find nothing there to be proud of.

Ilhan Omar, when you go back to Somalia, we won’t miss you.

– – –

George S. Bardmesser is an attorney in private practice in the Washington, D.C. area.
Background Photo “Mogadishu, Somalia” by Mohamed958543. CC BY-SA 4.0.




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53 Thoughts to “Commentary: The Congresswoman Representing Somalia”

  1. Elena Hurrell

    Why hasn’t a university group taken it upon themselves to investigate her? It would be a good class lesson for young people studying political science or private investigation, FBI or CIA.

  2. Margaret Petersen

    Thank you for putting into words what so many of us think & feel. It’s heartbreaking to think of the wonderful immigrants we could have helped had she & her like not taken their places. I resent every taxpayer dime that’s been & is being spent on this piece of ungrateful trash.

  3. Waldon

    Have any Republicans filed an ethics complaint or censure resolution against Ilhan?

    Ilhan’s family was part of the brutal communist/muslim regime of Barre in Somalia, living a charmed life in a walled compound in central Mogadishu with armed guards while her propaganda official dad helped kill 100,000 Somalis. When the people revolted, the family took their stolen money and flew to Nairobi, Kenya; ending up in a popular resort coastal city in Kenya. The family committed immigration fraud by using the name “Omar” in order to pretend they were part of the Omar family that was being granted US visas. Why? Because if it was found out that they were named Hirsi, it would be found out that they were part of a murderous communist/muslim jihad regime, and they may have been extradited back to their country to stand trial for genocide. (By the way, Ilhan has tweeted that all white men should be killed because they will never submit to Islam. She soon deleted this, but there are witnesses. But, maybe most don’t care, especially the TDS infected.) The family’s assylum applications were fraudulent because, not only were they “well off” financially in Kenya, their assylum nation would have been Kenya, plus, they lied on the assylum questionnaires. Then she later committed more immigration fraud, but not just any immigration fraud; she married her brother so he could join her and live with her at NDSU, where she studied how to infiltrate government and be a commy organizer. She also committed fraud on her citizenship application.

    1. Wanda CArter

      Why is she given so much air time and why aren’t these facts about her shouted out to the world? Wanda Carter

    2. Vena Seibert

      THANK YOU, from every fiber in my body! You’re the kind of American that this land, our beloved America, needs & thrives upon! You, Sir, are a proud American & so am I…May God Bless You & this Country, our beloved and sacred USA! ❤️🙏🇺🇸

  4. James Harris

    Thank you for a very thoughtful commentary. So very true!

  5. LI

    I am a Russian immigrant and can sign under every single word of the article
    Thank you

  6. Phyllis

    Thank you sir. You said all that we feel. You,sir, are the people we want here. My grandparents immigrated from Scotland and Sweden. I am not against immigrants. Just illegals.

  7. Barbara Myers

    Absolutely wonderful commentary! As I normally do, I immediately researched the author of this very well-written written piece, and found other opinion pieces he has written for The Federalist. This is a man whose opinions completely align with mine. I will be following his writings from this point forward.

  8. Steve

    She is the Dem representative for Somalia in roughly the same way John McCain was the senator for isis/daesh (well, because he’s dead now and if he was still alive they’d have got on like a house on fire or whatever that expression is) because whenever the subject comes up, more and more is revealed about their motives and actions.

  9. Robert

    As the gentleman says, we will not miss you but you WILL miss America…

  10. K Wise

    She lied when she said the words of the Oath of Office…….why expect her to be honorable in any other endeavor or action?
    Minnesotans need to rise and impeach her.

  11. E Newhouse

    Finally, someone with the courage to be honest. Thank you!

  12. Lynn Quinn

    Well said…and thank you for this informative article!

  13. Lamont Chisolm Jenkins

    This is the most awesomely savage takedown in the history of awesomely savage takedowns.

    On a scale of 1-10, he went to 11. I want to buy him like 15 beers and listen to him unload on SJWs all night.

    1. Ben Schwartz


  14. Floridian

    Ditto – from another former citizen of the USSR.

    It is simply mind-boggling for me why native-born Americans allow those barbarians to this great country! We, as you called us cumulatively “russians”, came to America with our education, thirst for entrepreneurship, desire to work hard and honestly. And the majority of us succeeded mightily (bar those few razocharovanty) for ourselves and for the benefit of our adopting society. We did not drag the ugliness and disarray of brutal communist regime of our cursed motherland with us to here – we tried to became more American than Americans themselves.

    What Omar, and even her native-born “squad” partners, contributed to America?

  15. Heidi Smith

    Thank you for saying what so many of us feel. My husband’s grandparents all immigrated from Japan–legally. They were proud to be Americans, several volunteered for military service, all worked hard, and they made something of themselves. They love this country. My own grandmother was an immigrant from Scotland. We are all AMERICANS first and foremost, and it is galling to see someone given the opportunities who continues to spew hate about this great nation.

  16. Caryn G

    Well said! Thank you for saying it!

    1. Becky E.

      Thank you George Bardmesser. You are the immigrants we love to come to America and make it your country., the kind of immigrants that settled in this country & made it what it is today. .

  17. Barb

    They are here to cause chaos. It’s what they do. if she doesn’t go down, it will be a confirmation of how stupid we are.

  18. Charlie Brown

    Charlie Brown
    Go back to the hell you came from Ms. Omar
    You are evil

  19. Richard

    Thank you to the Minnesota Sun for publishing this.

  20. Janet

    I’m glad America gave him the opportunities he enjoys & id ideally like to keep America this way, for everyone. It’s a shame that a native born cannot say this, I’m thrilled that anyone says it. America is an idea, one that we shouldn’t let be trampled and destroyed. As much as I hate to say it, certain cultures just don’t mix, which is why I’m at a loss for why so many wish to throw open our borders & let in people in the hundreds of thousands to this country who have opposing cultures.

    Differences do not make us stronger & not even having different restaurants is worth traveling the path we are currently on. If you wish to be in America come because you love her, not because you wish to destroy her.

    1. those who wish to open the borders and admit anyone – even or especially those from adverse cultures, is because they wish to destroy this country but seize and maintain their own power in the process.

  21. Robert Laity

    Omar is being investigated for illegal procurement of US Citizenship for which, if found guilty, she CAN be deported and any US Citizenship that she illegally procured REVOKED. Her father, a terrorist is in the US illegally. She also has links to terrorism and is being investigated for bigamy.

    1. Regina

      We can only hope this happens immediately. IF the rule of law is upheld, it will happen.

  22. Benjamin Suissa

    My god what a breath of fresh air, and to read it in the Minnesota Sun?!?
    I am subscribing. I want the rest of your editorial staff to know that if you keep posting truthful articles you will have jobs!

  23. Greg

    Yes! Thank you! These guys from the ex-soviet bloc understand this cultural Marxist PC bs much better than retarded liberal Americans.
    Speak the truth and don’t give a damn before they try to make that illegal too.

    1. Mark

      You sir are exactly what this country was built upon..the ideals of freedom, opportunity and success for those who work at their dreams..thanks for being here and contributing to our country, you understand what America is about!! God Bless!!

    2. Sherrie Costa

      great read

  24. Logan

    The writer is amazing for posting this !

  25. Balthaazar

    This article brings tears of absolute joy to my eyes. If only I could be assured that Omar had the chance to read it word for word. If she had a soul she would feel an eternal shame. Maybe, like the Samurai Warriors of old, she would fall upon her short sword unable to bear the shame of her existence a second longer. We all know she doesn’t have one though. Perhaps she is here for the Jihad of the Pen, to undermine the country that is protecting the world from violent political Islam (better known as just: Islam) against all non-Muslims (and even other Muslims). Either way, just to know she read it so that we knew which kind of person we were dealing with, wouldn’t that be great? I hope she reads it. I hope her reaction is public. I hope she isn’t on a Jihad and immediately restores her lost honor, I wouldn’t mind seeing that as well. Just to be sure she’s gone for good, like the monster in some awful cliche horror movie.

    1. Daniel Baumann


  26. asdf jkl

    Excellent article.

  27. Laura Evans

    What a brilliant commentary. God Bless you.

  28. Steve

    Best article ever. Thanks for writing this.

  29. Morrigan

    Goddamn, fantastic commentary

  30. Kevin Martz

    What an embarrassment she is to the great state and people of Minnesota. I truly hope those who voted her in feel the shame and regret that the most certainly deserve to fell.

  31. ed

    No idea who you are, but I want to buy you a beer.

  32. Tegery

    Bravo! This is the best article I have read about this cretin, yet. I truly admire you for speaking the truth, and telling this great nation just how you feel. Bravo!

  33. Moesin

    Thank you sir for this article

  34. Vidar

    Fantastic article. Horrendous woman.

  35. jack

    Thank you, sir. Well said

  36. Todd Robert Campbell

    Brilliant. Bravo!

  37. personperson

    Well said George, good read!

  38. Denis Parkin

    identity politics, as represented by Ms Omar, has had its day

  39. Luke Davison

    Savage and well said

  40. Charles Borner


    Totally truthful! Just not used to seeing it put out there like this in these days of “PC Uber Alles”.

    Good on you!