Minnesota GOP Sent Cease and Desist Letter by State Fair Over Trump Flag Display


The Minnesota Republican Party received a cease and desist letter from the Minnesota State Fair in response to activists who were riding the popular “SkyGlider” attraction while holding Trump 2020 flags.

Trump supporters were first filmed holding reelection flags on the ride during the first weekend of the fair, but the Republican Party didn’t receive a warning until later in the week.

Additionally, Republican Party Chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan claimed in a letter to party leaders that the organization wasn’t “involved in any way, shape or form with that effort.”

“To be clear, while we appreciate the enthusiasm of Republicans across the state, the Republican Party of Minnesota had no knowledge of the flag/banner drop, does not condone the activity, nor was our organization involved in any way, shape or form with that effort,” Carnahan said in an email.

She went on to say that the Republican Party is at risk of “losing our space at the Minnesota State Fair” because of the “illegal or unsanctioned activity.”

“If any illegal or unsanctioned activity happens between now and the end of the fair, those involved put our organization at risk of losing our space at the Minnesota State Fair, and also jeopardize other Republican organizations that may seek a booth space in the future,” she said.

The Minnesota State Fair claimed that the activity violated its “Booth Rule,” which stipulates that “materials may not be distributed by anyone at the fair unless it’s from an assigned space.”

Additionally, the fair claimed that “the display or use of banners or flags by individuals riding the SkyGlider or any other amusement ride at the fair is prohibited as a safety hazard.”

Alpha News reports that a group of activists behind the demonstration were confronted by police officers on August 30 and told they would be arrested if they continued.

The fair claims that its “Booth Rule” was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in its 1981 Heffron v. ISKCON decision.

“Again, we appreciate the enthusiasm and activism of all in our party and ask that respect be shown to our organization’s operation, the rule of law, safety for all fairgoers and the importance of the MN GOP booth and visibility at the Minnesota State Fair,” Carnahan concluded her email.

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Anthony Gockowski is managing editor of Battleground State News, The Ohio Star, and The Minnesota Sun. Follow Anthony on Twitter. Email tips to [email protected].
Image “Trump Flags on the SkyRide” by Ruthann @TeaBoots.







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