Klobuchar Shows Support For UAW Workers During Stop in Michigan


Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar visited the crucial 2020 swing state Of Michigan Thursday as the United Auto Workers (UAW) continue their strike against General Motors (GM).

On her second “Blue Wall tour,” the presidential candidate met with UAW workers on strike at the Detroit-Hamtramck assembly where she showed her support.

“This car company was in some bad straits a while back and they bounced back. They bounced back because of these workers,” Klobuchar told the Detroit News. “These workers had had to take a lot of cuts and a lot of changes during that downturn.

As The Michigan Star reported Monday, the UAW workers went strike after negotiations with GM broke down. GM offered UAW a new four-year agreement where the company would invest over $7 billion in the United States, which would create 5,400 new jobs, according to a GM press release. However, UAW workers seek a share of GM’s profits, job security, affordable healthcare and job security, according to a UAW press release.

While on her visit to Michigan, Klobuchar tried to position herself as a moderate candidate in a crowded Democratic presidential field, according to MLive.

“If people are looking for someone who wants to represent all of America and not just half of America, that’s me,” she said. “If you are tired of the extremes in our politics and tired of the noise and the nonsense, you have a home with me.”

A RealClearPolitics hypothetical poll showing Klobuchar against President Donald Trump has Michigan voters favoring Klobuchar over Trump by six points: 53-47.

However, Michigan GOP Chairman Laura Cox told the Detroit News that Michigan voters will not support her message.

“Amy Klobuchar has called the job-killing Green New Deal ‘aspirational.’ I’m sorry senator, but if it’s your aspiration to impose on our state a radical socialist scheme that will kill thousands of jobs and destroy our major industries, you can take your ‘blue wall’ tour elsewhere,” Cox said in a statement.

Klobuchar will make stops in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin trying to appeal to voters during her “Blue Wall tour.”

Nationally, the Minnesota Senator is polling at 1.5 percent, according to RealClearPolitics.

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