Battleground State Report: Nancy Pelosi Continues to Divide the Country with Her Unconstitutional Impeachment Inquiry


On Friday’s Battleground State Report with Michael Patrick Leahy and Doug Kellett – a one-hour radio show from Star News Digital Media in the early stages of national weekend syndication roll out – with Kellett out of the studio, Leahy broke down the constitutional mechanics of a ‘legal’ impeachment process as they have played out historically.

Towards the end of the show, Leahy described the unconstitutional impeachment inquiry that Nancy Pelosi has deliberately instigated because the Democrats continue to deny the President his lawfully elected position as President.

He goes on to describe historical impeachment protocol and how Pelosi’s impeachment inquiry is completely different.

Well, another eventful week here (Chuckles) as the country continues to go into convulsions over the 2020 election. And you have basically the traditional American forces against the anti-American forces. And it’s not going to be a pretty 13 months. But it’s a crucial 13 months.

I think if the gains that have gone forward in the Trump administration continue I think we’re going to have a good chance of reviving and keeping the United States great. BUT, if on the other hand the left, the Democrats win they’re going to reverse all these things and then it’s just going to be pretty awful.

We’re talking about China and the NBA that’s a big issue going on here as is this utter deprivation of the President’s due process and constitutional rights. Provided by Nancy Pelosi’s behind the scenes secretive impeachment inquiry. We talked about this a little bit during our weekday program. But I just want to recap just how bad this is.

It’s REALLY REALLY BAD. So, according to the constitutional everybody has a due process rights. If accused of a crime you have a right to hear what the allegations are. You have the right to confront your accusers. And you have the right to a defense council.

Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want to provide any of these to the President of the United States. Now, you want to look at what the game plan of the Democrats here. What are they trying to accomplish? They control Congress. Nancy Pelosi elected speaker with 235 members of congress who are Democrats.

109 that are Republicans one’s they can seat. And so they control the House of Representatives. She’s doing the same thing now with this impeachment inquiry that they did when they jammed through unconstitutionally the Obamacare law. And the fact that the Supreme Court ended up 5:4 a line that we’d have to go through a story for another day.

It was a very bad decision by the Supreme Court and NFIB vs Sebelius. If you follow the constitution and you want to undertake an impeachment proceeding. Impeachment is a political process. And really it should be done in a transparent way according to the constitution. And it should be done not in a partisan fashion but in a way where there’s a ground swell of public support for impeachment.

Now, this is not what we have going on right now. The impeachment process/inquiry announced by Nancy Pelosi is an pure effort to further divide the country. There’s not question about that. This is dividing the country.

And on the left are the people that never acknowledged the legitimacy as they should have of the election of Donald Trump in 2016. They’re trying to do a re-do of the presidential election. And the way they’re doing it is by breaking the constitution and putting this kangaroo court together to have an impeachment inquiry of the President.

Now, if you’re doing this right, you would do it transparently and open. That’s not what Nancy Pelosi’s doing. The right way to do it is the way the House of Representatives did it both times and previously where a resident had been impeached.

And the way they did that in 1968 was the Republican House held a vote and said, ‘We’re prepared to begin impeachment inquiries.’ And once the impeachment process and a full vote of the House is taken it then goes to the judiciary committee.

Where the person is being accused of these alleged high crimes and misdemeanors has an opportunity to confront his accusers. To hear the charges against him. And to have representation. That happened in the 1968 impeachment of Andrew Johnson. It happened in the 1999 impeachment of Bill Clinton. So that vote was held.

That’s not what Nancy Pelosi’s done.  She did not hold a vote of the House of Representatives to conduct an impeachment process. Which would had she done that according to the constitution and the rules of the House of Representatives, and the next step is the judiciary committee hearings where the President would be represented, confront his accusers, and hear all the charges. Not happening.

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