Klobuchar Says She Went on Bill Maher Because She Needs a ‘Viral Moment’


Sen. Amy Klobuchar went on Real Time with Bill Maher Friday night in search of a “viral moment” to help boost her presidential campaign.

Predictably, the interview began with a discussion of President Donald Trump’s Thursday visit to Minnesota, a state he believes he can win in 2020.

“That’s wrong,” Klobuchar said of Trump’s chances in her home state. “That is not going to happen as long as I’m leading the ticket. One of the reasons that I think we need to bring more people in is that we’ve got to win not just Minnesota—which was close last time in his race—but then I came storming back in 2018 and won every Republican congressional district.”

“What we need to do is extend that out to Wisconsin, and Michigan and Pennsylvania. I just went to all of those states and met with carpenters, met with dock workers—people who he had made promises to that have been left behind,” she added. “What I want to do is build a blue wall around those states.”

“Oh, I had heard that term last time. Didn’t work out so well,” Maher interjected.

“But that’s different. I’m going to make him pay for it,” Klobuchar joked.

Klobuchar continued to target the president after Maher asked the senator if she thinks the Democrats place too much of an emphasis on identity politics.

“We have a real fired up base right now. People who have felt hurt by this guy, hurt by his rhetoric, waking up in the morning seeing him going after their entire city and calling it rat-infested. Those things have happened. But when you get to the middle of the country, his trade war has hurt a bunch of our farmers. They’ve got soybeans mounting up in bins. His rhetoric is not what people want to have their kids listen to. They have to turn down the TV every single time he goes on TV,” Klobuchar said.

“I remember the days when if you didn’t agree with the president, or maybe you didn’t even vote for them, you’d be proud to say this is my nation and this is my leader. That’s not true with this president,” she continued.

Maher then asked Klobuchar what she thinks her path to the nomination would look like.

“Well, my path, first of all, starts with this show because they say I haven’t had a viral moment,” Klobuchar said.

Klobuchar argued that Americans might be looking for a quieter candidate right now, saying they “don’t want the loudest voice in the room anymore.”

“They’ve got that in the White House. I think they want someone who is tired of the noise and the nonsense and wants to get things done,” she said.

Her full interview with Maher can be watched below:

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