Attorney General Ellison Says Trump ‘Makes it Necessary’ to Sue ‘Almost on a Daily Basis’


Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison said Tuesday while he didn’t run for office to challenge President Donald Trump, the president has made “it necessary to take him to court on a daily basis.”

Ellison joined Al McFarlane for his hour-long radio program on KFAI where the two discussed the priorities of the Attorney General’s Office. Most of the interview focused on Attorney General Ellison’s new efforts to combat hate crimes in Minnesota, but he was asked at the end of the show about what his office was doing “in response to the Trump administration.”

“Let me be clear: I did not run to fight with Trump, but he makes me fight him every day based on the violations of laws, statutes, norms and the Constitution. What we’re going to do is we’re going to sue him, and we’ve been suing him,” Ellison replied.

“But I just want to tell everybody, you know, I didn’t get in this job just for Trump, right. But he makes it necessary to take him to court almost on a daily basis, whether it’s women’s rights, whether it’s the environment, whether it’s worker’s rights—no matter what it is, we will meet him in the courthouse whenever he steps forward to violate the rights of Americans. He can count on that,” Ellison continued.

Ellison has joined at least nine different lawsuits, motions, or amicus briefs against the Trump administration in his first 10 months in office, according to an archive of press releases from his office. On Tuesday, for instance, he announced that he has joined a coalition of 20 attorneys general in suing the Trump administration for its rollbacks of the Endangered Species Act.

He joined another environment-related lawsuit on September 20 to prevent the Trump Administration from loosening clean-car standards. Earlier in September, Ellison joined a motion that asked the courts to block a Trump administration rule that allows healthcare providers to refuse care based on their “religious beliefs or moral convictions.”

Ellison has also joined:

  • an amicus brief opposing a Trump administration rule on expedited removal
  • a lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security for its changes to the public charge rule
  • a letter sent to the Department of Labor on changes to overtime protections
  • a lawsuit against President Trump’s national emergency declaration on the border
  • an amicus brief defending immigrants with Temporary Protected Status
  • a lawsuit against the Trump administration for its efforts to loosen nutritional standards for school meal
  • a lawsuit against the Trump administration for its revisions to the Title X family planning program

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