A Black and White Film, a Cop Movie and Deadly App Are on This Weekend’s Movies to Watch


The Lighthouse:

This film follows the story of two lighthouse keepers (Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe) in the 1890s who try to not go crazy while living on a secluded and mysterious New England Island. However, these two lonely gentlemen start to lose their minds and become affected by their worst nightmares.

Rotten Tomatoes movie critics and fans have scored this film extraordinarily well. Movie Critics gave the movie a 91 percent while fans voted the R-rated film at 85 percent. This blak and white film opened nationwide on Friday.

Black and Blue:

A first-year female New Orleans cop (Naomie Harris) captures the shooting death of a drug dealer accidentally on her body cam. Soon, she realizes the people who killed the drug dealer were corrupt cops and now has to team up with the only person in her community who is willing to help her. Suddenly, the rookie officer finds herself avoiding revengeful criminals and police personal who want to destroy the video footage.

Fans have rated this movie better on Rotten Tomatoes than movie critics have. Audience members gave this R-rated drama a 92 percent rating while movie critics gave it a 49 percent rating. This film opened up on Friday.


A young nurse (Elizabeth Lail) downloads an app on her phone that says it has the ability to predict exactly when a person will die. When the app tells her that she only has three days to live, the nurse does everything in her power to save her life before time runs out.

Rotten Tomatoes movie critics and fans have mixed reviews on this film. Movie Critics gave the R-rated movie a 33 percent while fans scored it 32 points higher at 65 percent. This horror movie opened on Friday.

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