Rep. Jim Jordan Compares Speaker Pelosi’s Plan to Hold Impeachment Vote to ‘Putting a Little Lipstick on the Pig’


Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH-04) on Fox and Friends Tuesday morning gave quite the analogy when talking about Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s planned impeachment vote.

“The Speaker’s going to try to dress it up a little bit, put a little lipstick on this pig, as they say, and have this vote on Thursday, but it’s not going to change a thing,” he explained.

In Jordan’s interview concerns were raised about the very issues Pelosi claimed she was going to fix with her Resolution. Brian Kilmeade brought up closed-door sessions Republicans not permitted to ask questions, the President not allowed representation in the room and no transcripts of testimony available. He then asked the Congressman what will change after Thursday’s vote.

“Well, I don’t think anything,” Jordan answered. “And to your list, Brian, it’s also all done in secret in a bunker in the basement of the Capitol. So I don’t think anything’s going to change. And frankly, even if they try to change something to give a little bit of due process, we’re all going to vote against this because this is such a sham and it’s been such a sham from the beginning. And you can’t undo what they’ve already done.”

He continued, “I think the reason she’s going to have this vote is that the American people understand this is sham, that it isn’t fair…This is all a ridiculous, unfair, partisan process and the American people see through it, so I think the Speaker’s going to try to dress it up bit, put a little lipstick on the pig as they say, and have this vote on Thursday. But it’s not to change anything and I’ll think you’re going to see every single Republican vote against it.”

CBS News shared a letter Tuesday from Representatives Jordan, Nunes (R-CA-22) and McCaul (R-TX-10) to Rep. Jim McGovern (D-MA-02) who is Chair of the Rules Committee, revealing yet another violation of the existing impeachment process. While Republicans and President Trump have been pushing for transparency, the three Congressmen expressed concern that in addition to the opaque proceedings, the move to vote on a resolution on Thursday that has not yet been seen is breaking House rules.

“While we strongly believe this impeachment inquiry should be transparent, we are disappointed that Democrats are now rushing and breaking House rules in an attempt to retroactively legitimize their illegitimate impeachment inquiry,” they wrote.

As The Ohio Star reported, the Speaker said Monday the House of Representatives is going to make the impeachment probe public.

“The House has been following the facts and the evidence has only made the President’s own words on his call more appalling. This [impeachment] resolution will set up the structure for the next phase where the American people can hear those facts for themselves in open hearings,” Pelosi wrote in a tweet.

Following the announcement, Pelosi was asked about the impeachment resolution by an NBC reporter as she strode through the halls of Congress. The Speaker said it is not an impeachment resolution.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD-05) is not completely on board the Speaker’s plan either.

“@LeaderHoyer says he hasn’t read impeachment inquiry rule, won’t fully commit to a floor vote Thursday. ‘We’re going to have to consider whether or not it’s ready to go on Thursday. I hope that’s the case,” Cameron Joseph of Vice News tweeted.

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