Kendall Qualls Gains Momentum, Qualifies for Highest Level of the NRCC Young Guns Program

by Alpha News


Momentum continues to increase for Minnesota Republican Candidate for Congress Kendall Qualls who is challenging the first-term Democrat Dean Phillips.

Qualls seems to have united the party and seems a shoo-in for the Republican nomination and has achieved the highest ranking in the NRCC Young Guns program.

NRCC states that to qualify for the Young Guns program candidates have to:

Young Gun is the highest level of the Young Guns program. These candidates have met a series of rigorous goals and surpassed program benchmarks to establish a clear path to victory.

Most recently Qualls drew a contrast with Phillips for breaking his promise to be a transparent Congressman. Additionally, Phillips has been dealing with criticism with his lack of action and condemnation for his fellow Democrat Ilhan Omar.

“Our campaign is building momentum by the day, and our recognition by the NRCC is just the latest sign,” said Qualls. “It’s clear that Dean Phillips has gone to Washington and refused to get things done, while working lock step with out-of-touch liberals like Ilhan Omar. The Third District deserves leaders who focus less on scoring political points, and more on solving the problems our nation faces. I intend on doing just that,” stated Qualls.









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