We Build the Wall Has Not Been Ordered to Stop, and Is Currently Clearing Land Along Rio Grande, Organization’s Founder Says


We Build the Wall Inc. founder Brian Kolfage is on the offensive to dispel what he calls more mainstream media lies, this time falsely claiming the latest wall project has been ordered shut down.

Kolfage’s tweets are in response to mainstream media reports saying the U.S. Section of the International Boundary and Water Commission (IBWC) sent a letter asking the group to stop the wall along the Rio Grande until they could determine if international law is being violated.

In one tweet Tuesday, Kolfage said, “MEDIA: Here’s the facts attached. Print fake news, better believe you will get served with legal paperwork.  Instead of duplicating fake news,  do real work instead of lazy reporting. Because we are NOT STOPPING and not required to. 😂”

Kolfage attached a document to his tweet clarifying that the IBWC does not have authority over construction on private property until a structure is built. We Build the Wall is currently “prepping the land.” He says that construction is a process with phases, and permits are taken out in phases. IBWC is not ordering an end to construction but instead saying to wait about building a structure until the permitting process has been completed. The wall’s Phase 2 will include a hydrology study.

Kolfage cheered on KDVR, who he said reported the truth: “More fake news! @KDVR go light them up!”

KDVR spoke with Kolfage, who said the prep work includes clearing on private sugar cane fields south of Mission, Texas.

“We’re not proceeding with building a wall at this time. We are prepping and clearing the land for construction,” Kolfage said via phone in a 9-minute conversation.

He added that the land clearing is continuing at this time.

And, Kolfage tweeted, “Who else loves the fresh smell of diesel in the morning when we’re building the wall? Does it look like we were told stop? NOPE! Burning & Churning suckers—> @SandraESanchez @NatButterflies”.

Apparently the false reporting is actually helping We Build the Wall: “Mainstream Press, DRUDGE Falsely Claim ‘We Build The Wall’ Project Shut Down In Texas Even the fake news drives donations! Thanks for the drudge hit guys, another $235,000 raised over past 24hrs. #teamwork @SandraESanchez @NatButterflies.”

Kolfage also celebrated the news that the Department of Homeland Security praised the wall: “Thank you @DHSgov & @CBP we want to ensure our agents have the tools to make our communities safe. A little listening goes a long way, and is the reason agents love what we built. It’s their wall, they told us what it needed to be- #merrychristmas”.

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Jason M. Reynolds has more than 20 years’ experience as a journalist at outlets of all sizes.





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