Commentary: The Myth of the Moderate Democrat


Our friend Deroy Murdock posted a great column about the Democrat candidates for President which we caught on NewsMax.

Mr. Murdock’s point was that while not all of those still in the race for the Democratic Party’s nomination for President may not be full-blown socialists, like Senator Bernie Sanders, the balderdash that they are even vaguely centrist is either desperately uninformed or deliberately dishonest.

And this isn’t just Mr. Murdock’s opinion; he backed it up by citing the legislative scorecards of various conservative and progressive organizations.

It turns out that several legislative scorecards confirm this incredible fact: Bernie Sanders’ senatorial vote record repeatedly puts him to the right of Klobuchar and Biden!

According to Mr. Murdock’s research, Americans for Democratic Action awarded Sanders a 2018 Liberal Quotient of 100%, — a perfect Left-wing score. The “moderate” Klobuchar tailgated Sanders with a 95% rating that year. But in 2017, Sanders scored a 95, with Klobuchar to his Left at 100. Biden, for his part, earned an 80% Liberal Quotient in 2008, his final year in the Senate. While not as far Left as Klobuchar and Sanders, who both hit 100 that year, noted Mr. Murdock, Biden was much closer to the liberal fast lane than to the middle of the road.

So much for the idea that Senator Amy Klobuchar is a “moderate.”

The two mayors in the Democrat race, former Mayor Michael Bloomberg and former Mayor Pete Buttigieg, don’t have legislative score cards per se, but they do have records and public positions that allow us to place them along the Right – Left spectrum.

And it should surprise no one that Bloomberg and Buttigieg fall far to the Left on most issues.

As Mr. Murdock pointed out, former New York City mayor and multi-billionaire Michael Bloomberg has seconded the left’s prescriptions — from aggressive gun control to anti-“global warming” orthodoxy to robust rejection of his own mayoral law-enforcement practices. These candidates advocate steep tax hikes, a new carbon levy, lavish federal spending programs, freebies for illegal aliens, subsidized abortion — on demand, without apology, and until natural delivery — and truckloads more government intervention.

Although he was Mayor of a city with less population than New York’s smallest borough, Buttigieg is every bit as Far Left as Mr. Bloomberg, he just doesn’t have the billions of dollars Bloomberg has invested in promoting his authoritarian policies and imposing them on the rest of the country.

We’ve already told you about Buttigieg’s radical views on abortion in our article “Pete Buttigieg Is No ‘Moderate’ On Abortion.”

Buttigieg’s extreme devotion to abortion was on display last week when he told a prominent pro-life Democrat there is no room for pro-life voices in his party, prompting fears from pro-life Democrats that his extreme stance could cost them votes in November: “Buttigieg…might find it pragmatic right now to reject our overtures. It won’t be pragmatic, though, when in November the Democratic Party loses a swath of pro-life states to President Donald Trump,” said Kristen Day, Executive Director of Democrats For Life.

Pete Buttigieg’s refusal to name a single restriction on abortion – even up to the point of birth – puts him at the extreme fringe of public opinion. Indeed, Buttigieg has refused to condemn infanticide and partial birth abortion, arguing “it shouldn’t be up to a government official to draw the line.”

Like Virginia’s baby-killing Democrat Governor Ralph Northam, Buttigieg would permit abortion without restrictions up until the moment of birth, even for healthy, viable babies.

Buttigieg is as extreme on gun control as Bloomberg and the other Democrats, but to distinguish himself he has made a point of blaming mass shootings on President Trump and “white nationalism.”

According to CNN, Buttigieg supports universal background checks and argues that the Senate should pass the universal background check bill, HR 8, that was passed by the Democratic-led House in February but has yet to be considered by the Republican-led Senate.

He also supports a ban on so-called assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. Buttigieg supports the so-called “red flag” laws, saying Congress should pass a federal “Extreme Risk Protection Order Act.” He supports a nationwide gun licensing system and for Congress to close so-called loopholes, in current gun laws.

Buttigieg would also allocate federal funds to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and National Institutes of Health to conduct research on gun violence, which he labels as a “public health crisis.”

Our friend Deroy Murdock summed up the Democrats’ current problem in one succinct sentence; the Democratic Party’s vaunted “moderate lane” lacks one thing: moderates.








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